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Source: Bilderberg Planning Fake Bomb Threat

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Excuse sought to widen security perimeter


Source: Paul Joseph Watson

Bilderberg’s security apparatus is planning to announce a fake bomb threat as an excuse to widen the exclusion perimeter around the Westfields Marriott hotel and keep protesters and journalists away from arriving attendees, according to our source close to the secretive organization.

Should Bilderberg security decide to go ahead with the hoax, it will take place either tonight or tomorrow morning, the source told radio host Alex Jones. The hotel itself is set to be swept by security for bombs in the morning.

In addition, other provocateur actions are being planned to demonize protesters and beef security around the confab.

Such a stunt would represent a repeat of what happened last year in St. Moritz, Switzerland, where a bomb threat cleared protesters from the area immediately opposite Bilderberg’s hotel for a short period of time.

As we reported earlier, preparations for the arrival of over a hundred global power brokers tomorrow have been intense, with threats of machine guns nests and Bilderberg security harassing the last hotel guests to leave.

Alex Jones’ source also confirmed to him that Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton did indeed attend the 2008 Bilderberg meeting in Chantilly, which we first reported at the time when the media was baffled as to why Obama and Clinton had managed to evade the press and slip away to a secret location.

Any serving U.S. politicians who attend Bilderberg are in violation of the Logan Act, which states, “Any citizen of the United States, wherever he may be, who, without authority of the United States, directly or indirectly commences or carries on any correspondence or intercourse with any foreign government or any officer or agent thereof, with intent to influence the measures or conduct of any foreign government or of any officer or agent thereof, in relation to any disputes or controversies with the United States, or to defeat the measures of the United States, shall be fined under this title or imprisoned not more than three years, or both.”


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Source: CNBC

It should not come as a surprise with unemployment over 8% that good paying jobs in manufacturing are harder than ever to land.

At the Hyundai plant in Montgomery, Alabama more than 20,000 people have applied for one of the 877 job openings.

The surge of people applying may seem unusual, but it’s not.

Take a look:

  • Last summer Ford had more than 18,000 people apply for one of 1,800 jobs at the retooled Louisville plant. That plant will open and start building the Edge SUV in mid-June.
  • In 2011, more than 41,000 applied for one of the 1,300 positions at the new Toyota plant in Tupelo, Mississippi.
  • In 2009, more than 65,000 applied for one of the 2,700 jobs at the new Volkswagen plant in Chattanooga, TN. Since opening, that plant has added shifts and is currently hiring another 820 workers.

There’s no doubt the recession and the fact so many Americans are still out of work was the primary factor driving the waves of people applying for jobs at auto plants.

Another huge factor is the type of jobs being offered. Good pay and benefits with solid companies in an industry set for steady growth over the next 3-5 years. Those jobs are hard to find in blue-collar America.

Scramble for safety as Spain fears grow

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Source: Vivianne Rodrigues in New York

Wednesday 18.20 BST. Risk appetite is deteriorating sharply as hopes for Chinese stimulus measures are dashed and concerns grow over Spain’s banking problems.

In the US, eurozone fears were compounded after a report showed pending home sales dropped by the most in a year, sending the S&P 500 index down more than 1 per cent. The broad measure of US stocks is on track to close the month of May 6 per cent lower.


The FTSE All-World equity index is down 1.6 per cent as the FTSE Eurofirst 300 sees a loss of 1.5 per cent and after the Asia-Pacific region slid 0.7 per cent. The Vix index, a measure of expected US equity volatility known as the “fear gauge”, is up 11 per cent to 23.3.

Traditional “risk-off” strategies are being deployed with vigour across the market.

The euro has dropped below $1.24, the Reuters-Jefferies CRB commodities basket is at its lowest since October 2010 and perceived havens are seeing strong demand.

Benchmark US Treasury yields are down 12 basis points to 1.62 per cent, the lowest in more than 60 years, while the dollar index has risen 0.5 per cent to flirt with a two-year high, a move that leaves gold down 0.9 per cent to $1,542 an ounce.

The two main market drivers on Wednesday are essentially the reverse of factors that had delivered a more positive tone for much of the previous session.

Investors had been buoyed on Tuesday by hopes a plan by Madrid to nationalise troubled lender Bankia would help draw a line under Spain’s banking difficulties – helping to ease broader eurozone tensions.

At the same time, a belief that the Chinese government was planning to deliver a bold stimulus plan to raise the pace of growth also bolstered investor sentiment.

But it was noticeable that while equities and commodities had a decent day, gauges tracking eurozone anxiety – such as the euro and sovereign bond yields – did not join in the bullish mood.

The latter assets proved the more prescient.

First, traders on Wednesday are faced now with the news that Madrid’s plan to pay for the Bankia rescue has been shot down by the European Central Bank, raising fears that Spain’s borrowing difficulties will become more acute as the market prices in extra funding.

The yield on Spain’s benchmark 10-year bond is up 21 basis points to 6.65 per cent, approaching levels that precipitated bailouts for fellow eurozone members Greece, Portugal and Ireland.

An Italian debt auction has also tested the market. Rome was looking to sell up to €6.3bn in five- and 10-year bonds, and before the issue the country’s benchmark 10-year yield rose sharply.

In the event, the auction went reasonably well but at a higher coupon as investors remain nervous about Rome’s finances. The secondary market 10-year yield pushed above 6 per cent, though it is now up 19bp to 5.96 per cent, a four-month peak.

As money leaves the “Mediterranean” sovereigns it seeks safety in the northern “core”, pushing yields on benchmark German Bunds down 9bp to a record low of 1.27 per cent. UK gilt yields are sliding 13bp to 1.64 per cent, also a record trough.

The single currency is struggling in the wake of all this eurozone negativity, earlier touching a fresh 22-month low of $1.2387. It is now off 0.7 per cent to $1.2295.

The euro, and indeed the market as a whole, had a sharp bounce at 12.00 BST when European Commission comments about the possibility of using the bloc’s permanent bailout fund to recapitalise banks hit the wires. But this rally swiftly faded once traders realised it was a suggestion in a report and not agreed policy.

The second issue rattling confidence is global growth concerns, focusing on China. The country’s official Xinhua news agency – and a number of other reports and commentaries – said Beijing had no plans to introduce large-scale stimulus measures to boost the slowing economy.

“The Chinese government’s intention is very clear: It will not roll out another massive stimulus plan to seek high economic growth,” Xinhua said on Tuesday. “The current efforts for stabilising growth will not repeat the old way of three years ago.”

That has knocked Asian bourses and commodities with a tight correlation to China’s economic health.

The Shanghai Composite was down 0.2 per cent but weakness in Hong Kong-traded financial stocks – also reacting to eurozone worries – saw the Hang Seng underperform with a fall of 1.9 per cent.

Copper is lower by 2.3 per cent to $3.38 a pound and US-traded WTI crude has broken back below $90 a barrel, currently off 3.4 per cent to $87.72.

Greens Demand Bilderberg Confab Be Made Public

May 30, 2012 1 comment

Source: Kurt Nimmo

Green Party Congressional Candidate Joseph Diaferia of New York is demanding that the elite Bilderberg and their far reaching policy deliberations be made public.

Green Party Congressional Candidate Joseph Diaferia.

“This is a Rockefeller construct,” Diaferia said in a press release issued today, “it would be imprecise to call it an organization because although it has its so-called regular attendees every year—David Rockefeller, Henry Kissinger, Robert Rubin, Vernon Jordan, Richard Holbrooke, Etienne D’Avignon, and so on—they have no offices, and they have no specific location or headquarters. They meet by invitation only, their meetings are closed, their findings are secret, but their decisions often have far-reaching implications. Given the chronology and trajectory of presidential politics before and after the 2008 Conference, it is not much to conclude that this is where Barack Obama’s beatification was finalized.”

Diaferia said the globalists attending the confab have until recently excelled at secrecy. “They still insulate themselves from public oversight or any other democratizing process. In fact, they finally stipulated to their existence only because they could no longer conceal it. For decades, independent journalists have pursued the Conference assiduously, and finally, David Rockefeller—I believe in his memoirs—had no choice but to acknowledge the Conference’s existence. But, their discussions and confabulations are never made public,” he said.

Diaferia thanked “political libertarians” and “left progressives” for recently exposing the Bilderberg agenda. He said the left has taken a new look at the globalist confab and many no longer attribute the “Bilderberg to the imaginations of conspiracy theorists.”

Although, as a Green socialist, Diaferia disagrees with Lou Dobbs, he notes that the former CNN anchor “reported that an amalgam of Rockefeller funded think tanks was, and perhaps still is, planning a North American Union.”

The American Free Press and its seasoned reporter Jim Tucker trail-blazed Bilderberg reportage early on. Alex Jones’ and Prison have reported on the Bilderberg conference for nearly a decade and are largely responsible for exposing the confab and its globalist agenda to the public.

Police: Hackensack Man Stabbed Himself, Threw His Skin And Intestines At Officers

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Source: HACKENSACK, N.J. (CBSNewYork/AP)

A man who stabbed himself and threw pieces of his skin and intestines at police officers trying to subdue him was hospitalized in critical condition on Monday, authorities said.

Officers encountered 43-year-old Wayne Carter on Sunday morning when they responded to reports of a man barricaded in a room in Hackensack and threatening to harm himself, Lt. John Heinemann said.

Two officers kicked in the door and saw Carter in a corner, holding a knife in his hand, police said. Carter, ignoring the officers’ orders to drop the knife, stood up and stabbed himself in the abdomen, legs and neck, they said.

Carter yelled at the officers and took an aggressive stance, and the officers used pepper spray in a bid to subdue him, but it had no effect, Heinemann said.

Police said that Carter then cut off pieces of his skin and intestines and threw them at the officers.

The officers decided to retreat and call in the Bergen County SWAT team, Heinemann said. Carter finally was restrained and was taken to a hospital just before midnight.

No charges have been filed because of the unusual nature of the case, Heinemann said. He said he believes that drug use or mental illness may have contributed to Carter’s behavior, but that hasn’t been confirmed.

Carter had been arrested in the past for aggravated assault and resisting arrest.

Sounds like a scene right out of a horror movie. Share your thoughts and comments on this shocking and disturbing story below…


Google Thinks You’re Stupid—and Works to Keep You in the Dark

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Source: Andrew Blum

If every technological extension is also an amputation—as Marshall McLuhan said—then I wonder what part of me Google will cut off next.

First there was the part that forgot to include attachments with emails. “Did you mean to attach files?” Gmail helpfully asked one day. “You wrote, ‘I’m attaching’ in your message, but there are no files attached.” Then there was the part that could quote Marshall McLuhan without Googling. Soon, perhaps, I’ll actually be looking for a recipe for “marshmallow fondant”—not the old master himself. We used to say that Google was making us stupid. But now the process is complete: Google knows we’re stupid. Quite how stupid, though, you might not realize.

For the last several years I have been on a quest—see my new book, Tubes: A Journey to the Center of the Internet—to visit the actual, physical Internet: its wires, buildings, and places. We tend to think of infrastructure like this—when we bother to think of it at all—as top secret and obscured, the kinds of places listed in WikiLeaks dumps, protected by rent-a-cops, and generally inscrutable. All those things are undoubtedly true.

Read more

Bilderberg Launches Unprecedented Security Crackdown

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Talk of machine guns & surveillance spooks hotel guests

Source: Paul Joseph Watson

The Bilderberg Group has launched an unprecedented security crackdown on the eve of tomorrow’s secretive confab of global power brokers, with guests at the Westfields Marriott Washington Dulles hotel being intimidated by talk of machine guns and high-tech surveillance.

Surveying the scene at the hotel today, radio host Alex Jones described a chaotic picture, with Bilderberg security stomping around the building announcing that “machine gun nests” were being set up in anticipation of a deluge of protesters arriving over the next few days.

Given the fact that a record number of demonstrators are expected to attend, Bilderberg has been more stringent than ever before in its efforts to get people out of the way, telling customers who had made room reservations for two days before the start of the conference that their bookings would not be honored.

Undercover Fairfax police, secret service, hotel security, as well as diplomatic service personnel are all now rushing to finalize preparations for the arrival of Bilderberg members tomorrow morning.

Alex Jones also heard discussions between members of Bilderberg security about how sophisticated surveillance equipment using satellites was being used to tap phones of prominent activists and media personalities set to cover the event.

Although well over a thousand people have signaled their intention to attend the protest, Bilderberg only expects around 500 to be in place at any one time.

Alex Jones himself was contacted yesterday by Bryan Stolz, Director of Hotel Operations at Marriott International, who told Jones that his room booking was cancelled and that he and his crew would be banned from entering the premises of the hotel.

People who are already staying at the hotel have had letters delivered to their rooms ordering them to leave the premises before noon on Thursday.

We are also expecting to receive details of Bilderberg’s 2012 agenda within the next few hours. One topic of discussion already confirmed to be up for debate will be ecological issues and Agenda 21 – part of Bilderberg’s efforts to usher in a post-industrial revolution.


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Source: AFP

US President Barack Obama’s description of a Nazi German Holocaustsite as a “Polish death camp” shocked Poland, whose leaders insist the record be set straight 67 years after World War II.

Obama on Tuesday labeled the Nazi facility used to process Jews for extermination as a “Polish death camp.” The White House later said the president “misspoke” and expressed “regret”.

The linguistic faux pas overshadowed Obama’s posthumous award of the highest US civilian honor, the Presidential Medal of Freedom, to Jan Karski, a former Polish underground officer who provided early eyewitness accounts of Nazi Germany’s genocide of European Jews.

Poland’s Prime Minister Donald Tusk said Wednesday Obama’s words had hurt all Poles and he expected more from Washington than just “regret”.

“I am convinced that our American friends can today allow themselves a stronger reaction than a simple expression of regret from the White House spokesman — a reaction more inclined to eliminate once and for all these kinds of errors,” Tusk told reporters in Warsaw.

“Today, this is a problem for the reputation of the United States,” the prime minister said.

Poland’s anti-communist icon Lech Walesa meanwhile termed Obama’s error a “golden occasion” to set the historical record straight.

Between 1939 and 1945, nearly six million Polish citizens perished under Nazi Germany’s brutal World War II occupation of their country.

More than half of Poland’s victims were of Jewish origin and they, in turn, accounted for half of the six million European Jews who perished during the Holocaust.

Many were killed in death camps set up by Nazi Germany in occupied Poland — including the most notorious, Auschwitz-Birkenau.

Poland’s government keenly watches the global media for descriptions of former Nazi German death camps as “Polish” because it says the term — even if used simply as a geographical indicator — can give the impression that Poland bore responsibility for Nazi Germany’s World War II genocide.

Although located in Poland, Auschwitz for example was set up and run entirely by German dictator Adolf Hitler’s occupying forces from 1940 to 1945.

While most of the camp’s 1.1 million victims were Jews deported from other German-occupied nations, 300,000 were Polish Jews.

Until 1942, the camp was primarily a prison and killing centre for non-Jewish Poles such as resistance members.

An estimated 75,000 died there, out of around 2.6 million non-Jewish Poles who perished under Nazi occupation. Many were resistance fighters like Karski.

As a young man, Karski, who was a clandestine officer of the Polish government-in-exile in London, witnessed scenes of starvation and death after infiltrating Warsaw’s Jewish Ghetto.

Dressed as a Ukrainian guard, he also went to a Nazi transit camp near Warsaw where he saw Jews beaten and stabbed and loaded into trains treated with quicklime to be taken to the gas chambers.

Karski took his eye witness testimony to wartime US president Franklin Roosevelt. He later became a professor of history at Georgetown University and died in Washington aged 86 in 2000.

Agenda 21 To Be Discussed at Bilderberg Confab

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Global warming alarmist Redford to attend elite conference

Source: Paul Joseph Watson

The attendance of Alberta Premier and global warming alarmist Alison Redford at this year’s Bilderberg conference, during which she will discuss “ecological challenges,” confirms that Agenda 21 and the bid to re-brand the stuttering climate change power grab will be core issues at the elitist confab set to take begin tomorrow.

“According to a government news release, Redford will meet with a number of individuals to discuss topics like monetary policy, ecological challenges and responsible development of natural resources,” reports CBC News.

Redford’s attendance at the clandestine meeting of global power brokers is costing Canadian taxpayers $19,000 dollars.

Her appearance represents yet another example of how Bilderberg is not merely a talking shop but an active consensus-making forum for people in positions of power. Redford will be scheming with power brokers from foreign countries in complete secrecy and with total disregard for her democratic obligations to the Canadian people.

Redford is an aggressive advocate of the man-made explanation behind climate change. During an election debate earlier this year, she attacked Wildrose Leader Danielle Smith as a national embarrassment simply because Smith dared to suggest that the science on global warming was not settled.

Redford’s advocacy for more controls on carbon emissions is directly in line with the Obama administration’s war against America’s coal industry and the wider Bilderberg agenda for a “post-industrial revolution,” where energy use will be severely restricted in the name of saving the earth, leading to plummeting living standards.

The United Nations’ Agenda 21 project demands that member nations adopt “sustainable development” policies that are little more than a disguise for the reintroduction of neo-feudalism and only serve to reduce living standards and quality of life.

The true motivation behind this agenda was recently unveiled at the ‘Planet Under Pressure’ conference in London, during which climate change alarmists presented their blueprint for humans to be packed into denser cities so that the rest of the planet can be surrendered to mother nature. This process is already well underway in California where laws passed to mitigate car use and carbon dioxide emissions have led to policies that mandate up to 30 homes be built on a single acre of land.

It’s a similar idea to the nightmare ‘Planned-Opolis’ proposal put out by the Forum for the Future organization last year, in which human activity will be tightly regulated by a dictatorial technocracy in the name of saving the planet, with cars for personal use banned and only accessible to members of the elite.

The mindset of this gaggle of arrogant, scoffing elitists in their drive to micro-manage the human race, which they regard as a plague on the earth, was best encapsulated by the following quote from ‘Planet Under Pressure’ attendee and Yale University professor Karen Seto.

“We certainly don’t want them (humans) strolling about the entire countryside. We want them to save land for nature by living closely [together],” Seto told MSNBC.

Bilderberg elitists like Redford will no doubt be sharing similar rhetoric at this week’s confab, which kicks off on Thursday at the Westfields Marriott Washington Dulles hotel in Chantilly, Virginia.

Big Brother looms over House GOP’s ‘Orwellian’ cybersecurity bill

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Source: Juan Williams The Hill

Imagine a country where every e-mail, every electronic banking transfer, every blogger’s political rant can be handed to the FBI and National Security Agency. There is no need for a warrant from a judge. There is no legal protection for personal privacy. It is simply up to your Internet service provider to decide what is suspicious and send it to the government.

Imagine that the Congress approves of this radical challenge to civil liberty by saying the new law is the best way to prevent terrorists from creating chaos in the financial system, plotting violence and hacking into big companies in a conspiracy to destroy the nation with a “Digital Pearl Harbor.”

Well, there is no need for a modern-day George Orwell to imagine the scary story in which Big Brother, an authoritarian government, colludes with multinational corporations to trample civil liberty.

This alarming story is close to becoming reality. With the best of intentions, Congress and the White House are trying to prevent terrorists from using the Internet to destroy the nation. But they are dangerously close to opening the door to erosion of privacy rights in America.

Full article here


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