Source: R.M | NwoReport

The United States of America is under a massive attack from the globalist that’s running the country through the puppet fraudulent president Joe Biden and the one that’s controlling the puppet Joe Biden Barack Obama.

Everything that the puppet Joe Biden is doing right now is by design to help cripple the United States of America. He purposefully told Vladimir Putin to go in and attack Ukraine. It is public record that he did so. The powers that are running Joe Biden knew that when Putin went in to attack Ukraine it would raise gas prices and food prices throughout the world. These entities that are running the global system right now want chaos if they can create chaos They will then be able to create more controls over the population. They will lie and say it’s for their good and safety.

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This is also part of the Great Reset that they speak of so frequently, but then tell you it’s a conspiracy theory. Part of the purpose of all that they are doing right now is to run prices up so high that you will not be able to afford the food that’s in the stores. Yet it’s also part of other plans that they have in operation to starve the stores of food. Here at the NwoReport, we have been running stories about how food processing centers all across the United States are being blown up or set on fire. The plans of these people aren’t going as well as they would like them to so they have to set in motion this portion of the plan to blow up food processing centers or set them on fire or just plain old sabotage anyway they can.

The way we fight this is to work together and get this information to as many people as we can. I’m not going to lie to you. This will get much worse before it gets better. No matter what you think of the Evil Democratic party that’s running this country right now the one thing they do is stick together and carry out their plans. We the American people must do the same. If we don’t, we will be destroyed by the plans that these Globalists are carrying out. Be strong and have faith! Pray that our Father’s plans will work quickly to bring these people down and Restore America!