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In August of 2021, the Biden Regime decided to mandate the COVID vaccine for all U.S. soldiers, ignoring concerns regarding the side effects from the shot. A 101-page whistleblower document reveals not only did they act to suppress these worries, but their decision also had devastating health consequences for some of our heroes.

In August of 2022, The Gateway Pundit reported on the harrowing testimony from soldiers across all military branches who suffered significant injuries after being forced to take the COVID shot, which still remains under emergency use authorization (EUA). Most wished to remain anonymous due to fear of being permanently grounded if their injuries became known to their flight doctors.

The report, compiled by William P. Anton, was submitted to dozens of members of the Senate and House of Representatives. Yet the response from Congress, by and large, has been silence. Many of our representatives who proclaim to care about our military have known about these injuries for months and have done little to help.

These vaccine injuries included heart issues, vertigo, chronic fatigue, and shortness of breath. One service member even suffered from four strokes hours after her shot and is now unable to work due to ongoing balance issues. Another suffers from chest pains associated with pericarditis along with myalgia, ongoing neurological issues, and bilateral tinnitus.

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Examples of Vaccine Injury … by Jim Hoft

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