Time is running out, and it won’t be too long before it is gone completely

18 Signs That The Social Decay In America Is Worse Than It Has Ever Been Before

Source: Michael Snyder | End Of The American Dream

In recent years, so many Americans have become completely obsessed with the ups and downs of the political world, but meanwhile our nation as a whole continues to swirl even further down the toilet with each passing day. 

Virtually any measure of social welfare that you want to look at tells us that the fabric of our society is rapidly deteriorating, and there is no future for us if we stay on this highly self-destructive path.

Sometimes I get criticized for writing articles like this, but there is actually a very positive reason why I talk about these things.

My goal is to greatly shock people with the truth of what we are facing so that they will choose to fundamentally change the direction of their own lives.

And if we get enough people to start changing direction, that could potentially have a dramatic impact on society as a whole.

Unfortunately, most Americans seem to think that things are just fine.

So they are not open to radical solutions, because they generally feel pretty good about their own lives and the nation as a whole.

The choices that we make individually and collectively as a nation are life and death choices.

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