Patrick Henningsen
March 13, 2012
Seeing is believing.
If this reporter had any doubts regarding the validity of all those outrageous tales of the TSA groping and abusing everyday American travellers, those doubts were crushed this past weekend.
Whilst entering security at Phoenix’s Sky Harbor International Airport, I opted out of the TSA’s naked body scanner, requesting instead to have an ‘enhanced pat-down’ at which time I was summarily escorted to a side area where one other traveller was sitting, both of us waiting for a full security check-out by TSA agents. This other traveller was none other than math teacher, motivational speaker and Phoenix resident Jeff Lewis. He also happens to be a quadruple amputee who travels regularly and is well known by TSA agents at this airport. Nonetheless, Jeff is stopped each time he travels through, where the TSA devote extra special attention to checking his person along with all four of his artificial prosthetics for explosives and other phantom menaces that theoretically could be hidden somewhere. A testament to his incredible wit, Jeff’s own good humor in the face of such extreme treatment eclipsed what is by anyone’s account, a somewhat humilating, very invasive and ultimately useless practice by the TSA.
Jeff was kind enough to grant us a short but very candid interview after we finally cleared security, where he puts the whole security issue into perspective.