Source: TSA Out of Our Pants

Broward County responded to my new lawsuit (for abuse while kicking me out of FLL airport after I would not let them touch my genitals) in record time with a Motion to Dismiss (document below). Their motion is full of nonsense and will not stand (except perhaps requiring me to amend the complaint to name the Broward County Sherrif’s office as well), but it will actually do them more harm than good. Worthy of note:

TSA informed County that the subject CCTV recordings at TSA checkpoints, including the mere existence thereof, constituted Sensitive Security Information.

The County, back in September, flatly denied that security tapes of me being threatened by a Transportation Security Manager existed. I took this to mean that they weren’t in the county’s possession and therefore the security cameras must belong to the TSA. But, when the TSA also denied their existence a few months later,Broward county admitted that they did own the security cameras, but that “if” tapes exist, they cannot be released because they are “Sensitive Security Information.”

The idea that the government can lie about records because it thinks they are “sensitive” is founded neither in law nor in the hallmarks of a free country. Both the federal FOIA and the Florida Public Records Act require that documents either be disclosed or they be denied with a reason. There is no provision for falsely denying their existence (which is incredibly stupid given that there are at least 13 visible cameras or camera domes at the FLL E gates checkpoint), with the limited exception of confidential informants or classified foreign intelligence. See Shura v. FBI, Order, Docket #98 (CDCA 2011), p. 13.

The TSA thinks it’s ok to lie to us. This isn’t anything new: they lied to us when they said the nude body scanners were safe, were effective, were not able to save/print images. They lie to us about how they treat the elderly (her story), women, and children (watch in horror as the TSA screener puts her hands inside the child’s pants before rubbing her chest and genitals… how many times has the TSA said they don’t do this to kids?!). It’s not ok for our government to lie to us, even if they think it’s for our own good. This organization needs to be dismantled, and the body scanners are a great place to start. Please share this story so that those who patriotically tust their government know that this particular government agency is abusing that trust.