Source: Patrick Henningsen

Four years ago, Americans slipped further into an intellectual coma, helplessly sold on a blank canvas, a political avatar whereby people could project their false hopes for a nation stuggling to maintain its relevant place in a rapidly changing world.

This recent short film presentation – featuring both David Icke and Alex Jones, successfully breaks down the modern political marketing marvel known as ’Brand Obama’, contrasting his transparent agitprop image to the much more genuine, substantial character of GOP Presidential candidate Ron Paul.

Aside from expanding her military presence around the globe and an increasing her militarized police state society at home, the United States has fallen further down the global league tables in almost every category imaginable during the last four years. Based on this ongoing trend, Americans can only expect more of the same from another term from the incumbent US President. It’s change alright – but in the wrong direction.

After viewing this brief presentation, it should become painfully obvious to supporters of the ruling establishment’s status quo that the current US President is not in the same league, nor does he possess anywhere near the breadth of vision trademarked by Congressman Paul. America stands at a crossroads in 2012, and it’s more important than ever that its citizens understand they have a fundamental choice to make.
(see for yourself):