Congressman hits out at more calls for him to quit GOP race

Source: Steve Watson

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Appearing on CNN, GOP presidential candidate Ron Paul was once again forced to dismiss calls for him to drop out of the race for the Republican nomination. In a tense exchange, the Congressman told host Piers Morgan to stop the “silly questions” about quitting.

“If I was prescribing some medicine for you right now, congressman,” Morgan said during the interview, “I think I would say the situation is looking pretty terminal for your race to the GOP nominee. Why don’t you just do the decent thing and pull out?”

Paul fired back, “Why don’t you do the decent thing and not pester me with silly questions like that? That would be decent of you.”

Morgan them spoke over the top of the Congressman as he attempted to clarify his position.

“Why don’t you let me finish?” Paul stated.

When he was finally allowed to speak, the Congressman defended his campaign and said there was still a long way to go in the race.

“You know, whether it’s up in Maine — or right now we’re doing very well in the state of Washington and North Dakota and excellent now in Nevada. And even Missouri the other day, some really good news came out there for us,” Paul said. “Through the process, our people are in the right places. They’re doing the things to become a delegate. So it’s way too soon for you to write anybody off.”

“Besides, just because somebody is in second or third place and — but there’s a race going on. What if Mitt Romney isn’t the best person?” Paul asked. “Why should we just throw in the towel because people like you say, ‘Hey, throw in the towel; people don’t want you out there wanting to debate the war and wanting to debate the Federal Reserve and wanting to debate this civil liberties, you know, assassination on American citizens, the military arresting Americans’?”

Morgan then backtracked and contradicted his earlier “prescription”, stating “I don’t want you to throw in the towel. I think you’re a national treasure in this country. I wondered if you thought you should, and you made your position crystal-clear. And I wish you all the very best with your campaign.”

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Elsewhere during the interview, the Congressman spoke at length regarding his opinions on the legal battle over Obamacare and the future of healthcare in the US in general.

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