Source: Kurt Nimmo

Shawn Henry, an FBI executive assistant director, admitted today that the ramped up and over-hyped effort by the government to put an end to hacking will not work unless there are “changes in technology.”

Mr. Henry did not specify what changes he had in mind, but despite this we have a good idea since the government has harangued us for years now on the changes it has in mind – nothing short of revamping the internet.

The establishment keeps telling us the internet is broken and we must start over. “Last year, the level and ferocity of cyber-attacks on the internet reached such a horrendous level that some are now thinking the unthinkable: to let the internet wither on the vine and start up a new more robust one instead,” professor Alan Woodward, billed as a cybersecurity expert, told the BBC earlier this year.

Congress proposed Obama be allowed to shut down the internet with a kill switch – sort of like the dictator Mubarak shutting down the internet, but on steroids – but the proposal was shelved in response to criticism and outrage. The SOPA and PIPA Trojan Horses also faced withering criticism and were subsequently withdrawn (or sent back to be modified and appear less draconian up re-introduction).

The Europeans are one step ahead of rustic Americans. They don’t have an antiquated and quaint (as the globalists see it) Constitution and Bill of Rights. For the European elites, freedom of speech is extended by government as it was once handed down by kings. It is not an innate or god-given right. It is a privilege that can be withdrawn at any time.

Last August, the European Commissin drafted a number of propsoals designed to regulate the internet, including the creation of a list of names, drawn up by governments, that would be banned from registering with the internet’s domain name system. If recent history is any indicator, the list will contain the names of websites and individuals who are not politically correct (for instance, websites that question aspects of the Holocaust would almost undoubtedly be banned as would those making apologies for Nazism or that deviate from official histories).

EC papers drawn up last August “also foresee that the enormous shift in power toward governments will happen within the next 12 months.” The documents appear to coincide with efforts on this side of the pond to propose drastic internet technology changes in response to supposed cyber security concerns.

Henry’s “grim appraisal of the nation’s efforts to keep computer hackers from plundering corporate data networks” published by the Wall Street Journal is the latest foray by the elite to lend an air of legitimacy to an ongoing effort to ultimately sanitize the internet and turn it into a corporatized Disneyland offering meaningless cultural and political pablum and where no serious challenges to the elite will be permitted (as they are not currently on the dinosaur television media platform owned largely by transnational communications corporations).

“I don’t see how we ever come out of this without changes in technology or changes in behavior, because with the status quo, it’s an unsustainable model. Unsustainable in that you never get ahead, never become secure, never have a reasonable expectation of privacy or security,” Henry said.

In February, NSA boss Gen. Keith Alexander made the absurd claim that the suspicious hacktivist collective Anonymous would be able to take down the nation’s power grid via the internet. As we noted at the time, it is not easy to disrupt the power grid in the United States. Most systems use proprietary operating systems and applications that are “not readily available for study by your average hacker,” writes Michael Tanj. Power grid systems and networks are not connected to the public internet.

Once again, Anonymous was being used (like a useful idiot is used) as an excuse by the government as it continue to roll out increasingly draconian surveillance programs under the aegis of “cyber security” and terror prevention.

As The Daily Bell notes, the ruling elite’s memes are beginning to crumble due to coverage by the alternative media.

“What the Internet has shown us with increasing clarity over this past decade is that Western banking elites and their enablers and associates will stop at nothing in their quest for ultimate power,” they write.

The exposure of the elite’s goals and its methodologies – its dependence on the corrupt counterfeiting practices of central banks for the trillion-dollar torrents of capital necessary to build world government – has led to an upswell of indignation and scrutiny around the world.

As a result, many of the elite’s dominant social themes are beginning to founder and fail. The elites had high hopes apparently for installing a carbon currency around the world based on the fraudulent message of global warming. But the Internet helped reveal emails that exposed the fraud.

The so-called war on terror has long been revealed to be both fraudulent and unpopular. Creating a so-called long war to generate the kind of chaos that is necessary to move the world toward global governance is perhaps a good idea from an elite standpoint … but not one that has worked out well.

As elite memes have degraded, the attacks on the Internet have stepped up.

The FBI’s Henry is merely the latest government character to call for “changes in technology” that will if implemented not so much protect corporations as usher in a new era of control and banish the truth tellers to a pre-internet wilderness.