Source: Patrick Henningsen

“Show me the microfiche”, said Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio. “Show the microfiche – and it’s all over.”

The Sheriff is referring to the missing microfiche that would clear the President’s name in what has become a national debate surrounding the authenticity of his own birth certificate.

The President is currently dragging behind him a sizeable cache of potentially crippling scandals, of which questionable identity documents are the most significant. Now the Arizona Sheriff’s Office’s initial investigation into this issue has progressed from an inquiry, into a fully-fledged, ongoing law enforcement investigation.

“What we are looking at is two possible forged government documents”, explains Arpaio. ”If it was you or anybody else, everyone would say, ‘How come you’re not arresting this guy and how come you’re not doing anything?’ Just because it’s the President nobody wants to touch it?”

Thus far, neither Republicans nor Democrats have been willing to face this thorny issue, which guarantees that it will continue to fester under the surface right through to November.

Arpaio adds here, “What is this? A political year that everybody’s afraid to talk about it… where they don’t want to face this issue? That’s sad”.

Infowars conducted a special report, traveling to Phoenix to conduct a series of exclusive interviews with the Maricopa County Sheriff and his Cold Case Posse lead investigator Mike Zullo, as well as interviews with WND senior reporter Dr. Jerome Corsi to discover the details of this case. In addition, we talked to Arizona State Rep. Carl Seel, and State Senator Lori Klein about a current bill on the table which would force the President to prove his eligibilty to appear on the state’s ballot.

In addition to Mike Zullo’s evidence pointing to Obama’s forged birth certificate released by the White House in April 2011, important new information was revealed during the news conference including a request by Sheriff Joe Arpaio to the current head of the Selective Service Board to investigate the criminal forgery committed in the case of Barack Obama’s Selective Service registration, as well as new evidence from Dr. Corsi showing missing INS immigration records from the month of August 1961, and challenging Obama’s claim to his US natural born citizenship.Watch our special report here: