Source: Patrick Henningsen

In case you missed it today, it was quietly reported that on Thursday morning ’Al-Qaida’ succeeded in executing a wave of attacks that hit 10 cities across Iraq, killing at least 30 and wounding 117 people.

Similarly, on April 15th the Taliban mounted what was described as a ‘Tet Offensive’drawing comparisons to the game-changing event that happened during the latter half of the Vietnam War. The Taliban carried out a multi-pronged attack, hitting a number of Afghanistan’s urban areas all at once, an attack that left both the US and German embassies, as well as NATO’s military headquarters – on complete lock-down.

From an insurgency point of view, the Iraq offensive yesterday was much more successful in inflicting damage and destabilizing the country’s internal security than its Afghan counterpart did. What we are now seeing is not necessarily a trend in the U.S. occupied countries (yes, the U.S. still has many thousands of troops, personnel and defense contractors working in Iraq), but more the predictable results of a decade-long operation by the western powers to control the Central Asian corridor.

A brief observation of the two countries indicates that the Taliban insurgency looks considerably more authentic than the alleged ‘al-Qaida’ operation in Iraq. The Taliban are ill-equipped, ill organized, and nativeto Afghan region – looking and acting like a genuine domestic rebellion. They also have a historic religious ideology.

The same cannot be said about ‘al-Qaida’ in Iraq, who by contrast are well equipped, well financed and well organized – and most importantly, totally devoid of any real ideology. They also report all their major operations on ‘al-Qaida websites’. They have all the hallmarks of an international guerrilla mercenary force used to fight a proxy war – whose upper ranks have been run and managed – as they have always been throughout their history, by Washington, London and Tel Aviv.

CBS News reported this morning:

“Iraq’s al-Qaida branch has claimed responsibility for a series of attacks that killed dozens in Baghdad and across the country the day before.

The Islamic State of Iraq says it targeted security forces and government officials in “response to the campaign of detaining, torture, embargo and confiscation of lands of Sunni people, especially in Baghdad and its outskirts.”

The claim was posted on militant websites early Friday…

… Al-Qaida and other Sunni militants have stepped up attacks on Shiites, raising concern of a new surge in sectarian violence.

Out of chaos comes order, sort of. It is important for readers to remember that the White House and the media’s portrayal of  ’Sunni vs. Shiite’ violence did not exist in Iraq before the US invasion and occupation of that country in 2003.

Understanding Death Squads and al-Qaida in Iraq

Implemented and managed by US ’diplomats’ John Negroponte andRobert Ford during their time in Iraq, a network of Death Squads and professional insurgents succeeded in creating the artificial rift between Sunni and Shiite which has developed into a real divide today in 2012.

Negroponte had already developed this exact same system in Central America in the 1980′s, with the upper ranks of US-run guerrilla fighters having been trained in terror tactics and agitation at the CIA’s infamous School of the Americas in Georgia, USA – for terror deployment in countries like Nicaragua.

When the US began pulling out large numbers of military troops and personnel out of Iraq in 2011 and early 2012, it was expected that the CIA’s ’stay behind operation’ in Iraq would include its own Langely-managed ‘al-Qaida’ operation there. That stay behind operation is now kicking into high gear again, with the goal of influencing Iraqi government policies, as well as keeping the door open for future redeployment of U.S troops in Iraq for positioning against Iran in 2013.

Not surprisingly, the US-installed Vichy government in Baghdad was hand-picked and steered by the CIA and Pentagon, so one would expect the level of corruption and duplicity within their ranks to be endemic. This political reality means that Iraq will not be able to evict the remnants of the American domination in Mesopotamia, nor will they be able to acheive anything near the internal stabilization enjoyed during the rule of Saddam Hussein.

Divide and Rule in Iraq

The CBS report also mentioned later that, “The other attacks hit northern Iraqi cities — from Samarra, where a 2006 mosque bombing touched off the worst of the insurgency, to the ethnically mixed city to Kirkuk, to Saddam Hussein’s hometown of Tikrit.”

Bombing of Mosques has all the hallmarks of a western intelligence agency operation. In March 2003, Iraq’s most sacred Shiite mosque was also blown up, killing around 100 people, including a popular Shiite cleric- an event blamed by the Western occupiers and the US media on the Sunni vs. Shiite feud – a shallow narrative which works well on western ears who are not privy, nor particularly interested in the real inner working of Middle Eastern history or culture. Evidence shows, however, that the mosque bombing operation was actually carried out by American’s CIA and military forces. This revelation after-the-fact, fell mostly on the deaf ears of the western media and its voting public. This type of false flag operation has been repeated over and over in Iraq, as the U.S. and its British partners continued to exploit tribal and religious differences in the region and somehow convert them into all-out civil conflict. The British mantra of “divide and conquer” underpins this tried-and-tested, government-run terror technique.

What is saddest about this latest ‘Tet Offensive’ report from Iraq is that the American public and its political classes are still swallowing the media’s consensus reality reporting on such violent events.

Such acts are designed to incite real hatred and instill real chaos in regions where native residents do not have a natural disposition to be at war with each other. Whether or not this latest incident can be proven again to be the result of 9 years of US-British and Israeli intelligence meddling inside Iraq matters little, because so many other previous reports of False flag black operations have already established the pattern, and the US-UK-Israeli intelligences outfits have never been held accountable – which gives them the green light to carry on indefinitely.

The violence in Iraq has already spread over the western border, into Syria, where we can expect an eventual repeat pattern – as was also the case in Libya, of destabilization and fragmentation as a result of the West’s al-Qaida operations being deployed in that country.

The US will not move against Iran – until Syria is neutralized and Hezzbollah is left without its only ally in the region – thus preventing any serious reprisal attacks against Israel following an Iranian bombing campaign. No matter what the result of the US Presiential election, these series of events are predestined by the globalist roundtable groups – to unfold as planned. The only political stipulation in America is that the White House will not aggres towards Iran before the November election for fear of hurting the Democratic campaign plan “to pose as diplomats” right before the election.

Iraq’s remission from violence was only temporary. Destabilization is back on now, and the US will be looking to redeploy a significant military presence back into Iraq in preparation of an eventual attack on Iran at a later date, but certainly after President Obama’s first term is complete.

The two ‘Tet Offensive’ trends – in Afghanistan and Iraq, are different for sure, but their existence can be traced back to the US and NATO’s invasion and occupation of those countries. Few can ever argue that in the 21st century, the US and its allies have become very good at destabilzing other nations.

The question now is: will it ever end?