You’ve got your CIA, you’ve got your DIA, and even take your Special Forces daily. Still not feeling like your Espionage is Spooky, Droney, Infiltratey, or Black Ops wet-worky enough?

New, from the Laboratories of Vickers and Panetta, Abilify™ Defense Clandestine Service™© can help!!!

Disclaimer: DCS is taken in conjunction with other drugs spies and killers to enhance their natural spy and killing ability. Side effects may include toppling autonomous Democracies, hawkishness of vision and genocidal tendencies. DCS is not for everyone, consult your Pentagon if it does not enhance feelings of meglomania and world domination.

Some mornings it’s seriously not worth chewing through the fucking bedstraps to read the headlines.

Just when you think it cannot get uglier than proud ex-CIA agents bragging about about destroying torture evidence and criticizing the President for paying lip-service to ending torture, while not actually ending it?

You get actual torture cases of our own citizens going up before the Supremes, who surely will find a way to break from the Constitution and bless the torture of Jose Padilla.

Then you end up reading that heroes like Bradley Manning’s case will NOT be overturned despite the fact his defense team has not been allowed to see evidence and we tortured him in our own cells of injustice.

Ready to take brillo pads and lysol to your eyes yet? Yeah, me too.

Back to the Abilify™ article quoted in the beginning of this sick and sad missive.

The realignment is expected to affect several hundred military operatives who already work in spying assignments abroad, mostly as case officers for the Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA), which serves as the Pentagon’s main source of human intelligence and analysis.

The official said the new service is expected to grow “from several hundred to several more hundred” operatives in the coming years. Despite the potentially provocative name for the new service, the official played down concerns that the Pentagon was seeking to usurp the role of the CIA or its National Clandestine Service.

There is a reason the Kennedys are dead Kennedys. They wanted to dismantle the CIA. Now the Military is making sure they have some kind of mirror-group, or perhaps integrated group to make it all too intertwined to ever make go away.

According to a source, this is all fine and dandy since it is not being done under the Bushites. I guess they think that the D’s will be in power to ever-after land, infinity and beyond. I mean, once you create something like this? Don’t you know it has a life of its own and will outlast any sitting President?

“If this were an attempt of the type we saw during the Rumsfeld years to consolidate human intelligence to have a better bulwark against what the CIA is doing, that would be a concern,” the second congressional official said. “But I don’t think that’s what’s going on.”

These guys are not liberals, they ARE Bush’s men.

The blurring is also evident in the organizations’ upper ranks. Panetta previously served as CIA director, and that post is currently held by retired four-star Army Gen. David H. Petraeus.

Are you doing a face-palm yet?

Lets go back to the article’s lead sentence, and deconstruct it shall we?

The Pentagon is planning to ramp up its spying operations against high-priority targets such as Iran under an intelligence reorganization aimed at expanding on the military’s espionage efforts beyond war zones, a senior defense official said Monday.

You see that? Not just Governmental spies, like the CIA, will be seeking to destabilize Sovereign Nations, no, no, without mandate, authorization or the approval of the People whom they serve, our own Military wants to dig its fingers more deeply into taking over the World. They mention Iran, they mention China. Didn’t we just sign a NAFTA-esque trade agreement with China? Why yes, yes we did.

This all goes back to trying to find reasons to engage (and I use the euphemism engage pointedly) any and all countries that operate successfully beyond the reach of our 1% and who do not allow our neo-liberal shadow rulers (read the MONEYED) to rape and pillage their Peoples.

I am just as positive stories like this will slip quietly under the radar. No American will protest it. Hell, most won’t even be aware it happened. We’re too busy wondering how far we can stretch one pound of slime-ridden hamburger and stale macaroni to feed our families another day.

Yet, it happens in our names.

DCS: When our existing murderous, torturing bastards just aren’t evil enough.

Best taken with a grain of guilt, and a big glass of “what the fuck are we doing?”