Source: Infowars

Will the simple act of using cash to pay for things become a crime? Will it be labeled as suspected terrorist activity? Will cash be banned? We are being phased into a total cashless grid where payments and authorizations must be electronic; and the system has long been conditioning us to accept it and ditch ‘black market’ paper notes.

Let’s flashback to some rather open admissions in the media, in this case: CNBC pundits and Naval Postgraduate School white paper writers (Turn in Your Bin Ladens, Dec. 2010) They call cash the currency of terrorists, drug dealers and criminals. Yes, military figures are equating the use of cash with the War on Terror… that is a gross distortion and a bad sign.

Indeed, even paying cash for a cup of coffee has been branded suspicious by a series of memos put out by the FBI to breed a paranoid atmosphere around normal, everyday activities. Alex Jones parodied this bizarre new Communities Against Terrorism campaign in his documentary New World Order: Blueprint of Madmen(see it free here).

Meanwhile the biggest criminals are those who manipulate the currency, starting at the private Federal Reserve and top six mega-banks. Also to blame are the sectors on Wall Street who are engaged in various forms of looting via draconian crony-capitalist bailout deals, amassing new global powers and admittedlylaundering massive amounts of money for drug gangs. Yet moves have been made to demonize and ban paying for “large” items in cash both in Europe and America, with ‘suspicious’ amounts set as low as 1000 or 2500 (*in dollars, euros, or etc.). Louisiana has gone so far as to ban cash in second hand transactions.

These policies are trending towards total control, not only at the individual level, but in an overall clamp down of society.