Source: Kurt Nimmo

Last week’s passage of CISPA in the House was helped along by the so-called House Tea Party Caucus.

photoRep. Michele Bachmann’s Tea Party Caucus voted overwhelmingly to sell the Constitution down the river.

In reality, this caucus is nothing more than a gaggle of state-worshiping and war-mongering Republicans who hate the Constitution as much as their colleagues in crime on the other side of the aisle hate it, but for different reasons.

In fact, Dems were generally trepidatious when it came to CISPA, while Republicans were nearly orgasmic in their support, mostly due to their post September 11 brainwashing and Fox News indoctrination.

According to math completed byPatrick Cahalan, “88% of the overall GOP members (casting a vote) voted yea, 23% of the Dems (casting a vote) voted yea, and 71% of the Tea Party (casting a vote) voted yea (Paul and Pence didn’t cast a vote).”

This works out to be 44 of the 66 members of the House Tea Party Caucus who voted to trash the Bill of Rights. Before Sarah Palin and the Koch brothers, the Tea Party was about the Constiituion. Now it is about reliqiushing our right to be left alone to the NSA, CIA, FBI and the national security state.

“The Tea Party may be the small government wing of the Republican Party, but when it comes to national security suddenly limiting the state becomes far less critical,” writes Erik Kain of Forbes.

Kain’s comment assumes that the Borgified Tea Party actually stands for small government. Instead it stands for whatever the establishment Republican Party tells it to stand for, including destroying what remains of the Constitution.

The original Tea Party was transformed from the inside out. In retrospect, it is amazing how easy the process was.

Establishment Republicans inserted a few operatives in key places and spread around filthy lucre. Front organizations were established that claimed exclusivity and these dummy organizations were pushed by the corporate media as the heart and soul of the Tea Party movement. The founding constitutionalists were exiled and replaced with mindless cheerleaders who support endless wars against phantom enemies and the implementation of a police state in the name of national security.

It’s odd that this reality is not understood by writers at Forbes or practically anywhere else in the corporate media for that matter.

CISPA is possible because we have sold our founding principles down the river for a mess of fetid pottage. If we ultimately end up with the bone-crushing fascism found in places like Nazi Germany or Pinochet’s Chile, it will be due to our inability to comprehend the truth and look beyond the illusion presented by the establishment.