Source: Kurt Nimmo

The Republican establishment lost big in Maine on Saturday despite its best efforts to spike the process.

The election held in Augusta, Maine, catapulted Paul supporters to leadership positions, including convention secretary and convention chairman, and shifted the convention away from Romney.

“It was a major symbolic coup for Paul supporters and a bit of a letdown for Mitt Romney, the presumptive Republican presidential nominee. Ironically, Romney’s brother, Scott Romney, was scheduled to deliver the convention’s keynote address on Saturday evening,” the Bangor Daily News reported on Saturday.

The result in Maine underscores the power of the Paul campaign. Paul supporters have also taken control of the party in Iowa and made huge gains in Nevada. Both states are critical swing states. Nevada has the fourth largest Mormon population in the country. Mitt Romney is a Mormon.

Continued support for Paul will undoubtedly spell trouble for Romney and Republicans in November.

Desperate establishment Republicans tried to derail the Paul effort in Maine with dirty tracks, as the video below reveals. Republican operatives had circulated a fake list of Ron Paul convention delegates, but their effort to undermine Ron Paul failed.