Source: Patrick Henningsen and Shawn Helton

As expected, there has been a dust storm of disinformation surrounding J. T. Ready and the recently reported mass murder/suicide event on May 2, 2012 in Gilbert, Arizona.

The mainstream media seems to be following its familiar pattern of quickly drawing a line under the narrative, and then demonizing the deceased subject – this time for his very public 2nd Amendment and constitutional beliefs.

Within hours of his death, Ready’s U.S. Border Guards website was strangely taken down off the web.

According to Veterans Today, Ready had feared for his life for the role he played in protecting our open borders and in a recent email he stated just that.

Ready’s Linkedin profile is still up online. Among the media anomalies surrounding his bio, his profile shows he was in the U.S. Marine Corps from ’93 to ’98, while the media reports he was discharged in 1996.

Interestingly, Ready’s resume states that he still retained a Department of Defense ‘Secret Clearance.’

Through the framing of Ready’s public persona with his alleged association with one of the SPLC’s pet ‘white supremist’ outfits, the National Socialist Movement, and the continued demonization of his volunteer border patrol unit the U.S.B.G., it seems the details of the crime itself are being totally overlooked.

Within hours of the event, the crime scene was descended upon by military trucks, and Federal agencies including the FBI, ICE, and DHS, alongside state and local police forces – all there for a reported ‘murder suicide’ involving what the media had predetermined as the ‘brutal act of a militant extremist.’

For such a high profile incident, one which dominated the headlines across all local and some national media channels last week, police and authorities have been peculiarly quiet about this case. There has been no established motive released, no release of ballistics results, nor results of the autopsies for the victims in what was reported as a five victim shooting.

There is also the problem of early reports immediately after the shooting from the Arizona Republic, reporting an unknown gunman at the scene wearing ‘body armor,’ opening fire in the area – a report which died quickly as soon as police secured the crime scene and began giving statements to the local media.

The prevailing themes surrounding this case could not be more timely – Arizona’s undefended border, Operation Fast and Furious, and state gun laws. Amazingly, all of these were areas which Ready was active and intimately involved with.

Despite the media’s full-spectrum character assassination of Ready, all evidence from his speeches and interviews point to a modus operandi that was not divisive, racist, or overly militant. On the contrary, this was an incredibly articulate, level-headed, and thoughtful political upstart – certainly an individual whose aspirations of gaining elected office in Arizona’s Pinal County were not at all unattainable.

Ready’s team of Border Guards had routinely apprehended not only drugs drops, but also criminal individuals associated with the Mexican drug cartels. This would have made him a target of the cartels, but it should also be pointed out here that gang members are also used in wet-work, or ‘murder for hire’ – and assassins sometimes include individuals who are also ‘federal informants,’ thus illustrating the grey area and overlap that exists in the dark world of narcotics enforcement operations.

Regarding relations with Mexico, Ready was recently interviewed discussing his thoughts on the border issue and stated, “We really should be working with our neighbors, not against them.”

Ready was also committed to border safety and control, and had been aware of large amounts of drugs, as well as the thousands of guns coming through the border, and had been very public about the lack of government intervention as to the serious threat this was posing to American safety and sovereignty.

Could it be that there are other media forces at work to “selectively” convince and condition the public as to who is dangerous in our society?

The public was steered to believe that J. T. Ready was a minority hating neo-nazi killer, much in the same way George Zimmerman has been painted as a vigilante racist murderer.

Was the murder/suicide the result of an estranged lover? Possibly. What really happened last week at this Arizona crime scene will certainly be the subject of some speculation in the future.

Watch these public statements from J. T. Ready and decide for yourself who he was and what he stood for. But more importantly, imagine which enemies or Federal government bodies he would have posed a threat to: