Source: Aaron Dykes

Sex, alcohol and wild, power grabbing TSA agents. A hip hop video from rapper Sean Paul plays out a fantasy celebrating the TSA’s sick policy of molesting law abiding passengers as a “sexy” patdown inspection between female passengers and agents, all while he watches sipping on a signature cognac.

The song/chorus message “She doesn’t mind”, blatant propaganda in heavy rotation that has been seen on You Tube alone at least 58 million times, gives away the system’s behaviorism at work to sell submission– reassociating the invasive TSA patdown/porno-scanner ordeal the public is fed up with, and trying to instead connect it with a sexy-on-the-surface image of the government’s Big Brother society to the younger crowd, a sort of second rate James Bond: a license to grope, in the name of perverted power.

“She don’t mind at all,” sings Sean Paul, giving his own woman permission to be pimped-out an anonymous other, or others, as the entire TSA staff comes in to grope and grab when it is her time to step through the security gate, writes Altamese Osborne. The video’s director Evan Winter stated, “We’ve all been through security, we all know it starts to feel a little personal […] We decided to take it a little ways extra and make it so that we get a little sexy with going through security.”

And while it may be glamorized in over the top fashion here, it’s not far from the reality that has made TSA a controversial agency under fire. It seems they are trying to make the TSA’s real scandals & exploits acceptable to the public as they roll out security checkpoints on highways, bus and train stations, and prepare to invade your life.

Despite statements from TSA claiming that no groping or “squeezing” is going on, the TSA has been caught “selectively” screening attractive passengers (like Baywatch star Donna D’Errico, pop icon Rihanna and plenty of ordinary women) in often very intimate secondary patdowns. Scandals have included sending women back again through the scanners to gawk at their features, commenting on sex toys on luggage inspection notes, exposing women’s breasts in checkpoint lines, trading photos of naked celebrity scans, forcing mothers to pump breast milk in a public bathroom, undressing grannies in private room patdowns, downloading child pornselling sex in hotel rooms, and on and on.