Source: Kurt Nimmo

The Fukushima Diary reports today that Koichi Oyama, a member of the city council of Minamisoma in the prefecture of Fukushima, has measured unusually high levels of cesium 134 and 137 in the soil of his city.

Soil samples were analyzed by the Minamisoma government and found to be 122 times more contaminated than the mandatory evacuation zone in Belarus north of the Chernobyl Exclusion Zone.

Cesium causes cancer of the liver, kidneys, pancreas and other organs. It is particularly dangerous when it is in the soil and ends up in food.

In March, it was reported that cesium was detected in plankton 600 kilometers east of the Fukushima facility, according to a Japan-U.S. joint research team.

The following charts on the results of the soil were posted by the Fukushima Diary:

On May 4, a panel discussion on Fukushima radiological health concerns sponsored by Physicians for Social Responsibility, Human Rights Now, and Voices for Lively Spring was held in New York.

The participants emphasized “that the issues of radiation and contamination are rarely publicized in Japan and worldwide. Underreported health consequences of radiation, lax standards in food safety, and fear of the worldwide spread of radiation were the main topics of discussion. According to the press conference’s sponsors and the members of the panel, the power plant is still releasing radioactive materials into the atmosphere and the ocean, exposing residents throughout Japan to unsafe levels of radiation, yet the Japanese government is doing little to inform its citizens of the dangers,” reports Japan Culture NYC.

“This is something which humanity as a whole has literally never experienced. So we are going to be fighting this radiation for on an order of tens, maybe hundreds of years,” explained Hiroaki Koide, the Assistant Professor of Kyoto University Research Reactor Institute.

Meanwhile, governments around the world continue to ignore the extremely perilous situation in Japan.

“Virtually nothing is happening. All the governments involved (Japan and USA, primarily) are playing a ridiculously stupid game of pretending there is no problem. The Japanese government, for its part, has decided that instead of admitted to a radiation problem, it’s easier to just tell Japanese citizens they have a mental disorder if they’re concerned about radiation,” writes Mike Adams for Natural News.

“The U.S. government plays a similar mind game, raising the allowable levels of radiation exposure by thousands of times and then declaring Fukushima fallout to be suddenly safe,” Adams continues. “Governments, in other words, are in denial mode even while Fukushima smolders and hurls us all toward irreversible global disaster.”

The soil examples taken from Minamisoma are yet another indication that Fukushima is by far the worst nuclear accident in human history with far reaching if not cataclysmic potential.

And yet it remains at best a back page story for the establishment media which is more interested in celebrating Obama’s comments about so-called gay marriage than reporting about an event that may wipe out not only humanity but all life on planet Earth.