Video also shows rebels transported in UN vehicles chanting “Allahu Akbar”

Source: Paul Joseph Watson

A photo published by French news agency AFP shows a Syrian rebel wearing the Al-Qaeda flag on his arm accompanying UN observers in the village of Azzara, again underscoring the fact that NATO powers are backing terrorists in their bid to topple President Bashar Al-Assad.

The photo appears on the DayLife website with the caption, “A man wearing a black shirt bearing an Al-Qaeda flag (L) speaks with a UN observer as monitors meet with rebels and civilians in the village of Azzara in the province of Homs on May 4, 2012.”

Another Syrian source informed us that the man seen in the image is definitely a foreigner and does not look Syrian.

This is just one of many examples where Syrian rebel fighters and their supporters have openly displayed their identity as Al-Qaeda terrorist sympathizers, begging the question of why the United States and other NATO powers are fighting for the same cause as the group against whom they are supposedly engaged in a global war on terror.

After NATO-backed insurgents with links to Al-Qaeda helped topple Colonel Gaddafi in Libya, they proudly flew the distinctive black Al-Qaeda flag over courthouses in Benghazi and other centers of power.

Now some of the very same rebels, airlifted into Syria by NATO, are once again making it clear that they see the end of Assad’s regime as the next stage of their jihad.

Is it any surprise that Syrian “opposition” forces are now also rallying around the Al-Qaeda flag just as they did in Libya given that Hillary Clinton admitted in a BBC News interview that the US and Al-Qaeda were on the same side in Syria?

This video shows Syrian “activists” flying the Al-Qaeda flag during an anti-Assad protest in the northern Syrian town of Binnish.

In another clip, armed Syrian rebels address the camera standing behind a table draped with the black Al-Qaeda flag.

Meanwhile, a separate video clip leaked to the pro-Assad Truth Syria You Tube channel purports to show an anti-regime rebel being transported by UN observers in trucks bearing the distinctive UN text.

According to the transcript accompanying the video, the “terrorist” traveling in the vehicle is allowed to conduct reconnaissance on where government checkpoints are located for the purpose of planning future attacks.

At the end of the clip, the men in the UN vehicle break out in a spontaneous chant of “Allahu Akbar,” a phrase widely associated with fundamentalist Muslims who are engaged in jihad.

The fact that rebels are being transported by UN observers who are supposed to remain impartial is obviously a damning sign that the UN mission represents little more than a furtherance of the effort to destabilize Assad’s government.

Back in March, leaked emails revealed that the Pentagon is planning to direct terror attacks and assassinations inside Syria in a bid to topple President President Bashar al-Assad.

With these attacks now intensifying in brutality, and with their perpetrators openly proclaiming their Al-Qaeda sympathies, NATO’s hubris about “humanitarian corridors” and the United Nations’ rhetoric about “responsibility to protect” has never looked more ridiculous.

Watch the clip below.