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Italy bombing revives memories of dark era … A bomb blast outside a high school in southern Italy that killed a 16-year-old student has revived dark memories of the 70s and 80s, when terrorists, anarchists and organized crime carried out dozens of bloody attacks across the country … The bombing follows a spate of recent attacks against Italian officials and government or public buildings by a group of anarchists, including the shooting and wounding of an official from a nuclear engineering firm, which is part of a state-controlled company. An anti-nuclear anarchist group that previously had targeted Italy’s tax collection agency claimed responsibility for the shooting. – AP (5/21/12)

The Informal Anarchists Federation has claimed responsibility for kneecapping Roberto Adinolfi and threatened further attacks. The interior ministry has identified 400 people and places it regards as possible or likely targets. – UK Independent (5/15/12)

During an appearance on Meet The Press on Sunday, Jim Cramer of CNBC boldly predicted that “financial anarchy” is coming to Europe and that there will be “bank runs” in Spain and Italy in the next few weeks. – Seeking Alpha (5/21/12)

Nightmare foretold if Greece heads for euro exit … A former finance minister, Yiannos Papantoniou, saw trouble ahead nearly a year ago: “Greece would not be able to support 11 million people so there will be huge emigration flows,” he told Reuters Insider television last July. “Disruptions, social disruptions will come. I would say a regime of total anarchy.”

This seems more and more likely. Without knowing of Henningsen’s article at Infowars (see above) this writer came to a similar conclusion just this month – after observing the rhetoric being offered by a variety of EU and Western officials.

A Google search reveals others, more recently than Henningsen, have come to similar conclusions. But what has not been mentioned is that an important elite trigger word seems to be “anarchist” or “anarchy” – especially when used in tandem with “violence.”

More and more, top bureaucrats and journos have been throwing around the word, which simply means (in its primary definition) “absence of government.” That doesn’t make the patterns behind it any less dark or dangerous.

There may be modern cells of “anarchists,” who espouse violence, but this would surely not be de rigueur anymore than any other philosophical designation would give rise to violence.

Historically, anarchism (the “movement”) has been associated with some violence, it’s true. Yet if the curtain were to be truly lifted, it might well show that globalist elites were behind this state of affairs, just as they are behind various proclamations concerning other “isms” that cause mischief. The elites DEVELOP “isms.”

Many modern, ‘Net-generated anarchist groups (beyond the reach of the elites) are peaceful and state that they are. This makes sense.

If one has the intellectual firepower to self-designate as an “anarchist,” does it follow that one also accepts that the best way to generate such a state, generally, is to pro-actively kill innocent human beings?

It’s about as logical as the “war on terror” itself, which is evidently and obviously manipulated. It is a phony war – just as the idea that European “anarchists” are responsible for a renewed wave of “terror” is likely phony within the larger scheme of things.

When things sour for the elites generally, the response is seemingly always the same: The top elites foment a narrative of violence to justify the FORCING of the result they cannot generate via suasion or the ballot box. The “violent anarchist” – as a generic case – would seem to be just such a faux narrative.

Anyone who wants to peer between the surface using the resources of the Internet can surely detect this pattern. And when it comes to Europe in particular, we have the admitted continent-wide psyop that goes under the name Operation Gladio.

This was in effect, apparently, after World War II through the 1960s and 1970s in order to control the masses of Europe and prevent them from realizing the freedoms that World War II had promised. Eventually Operation Gladio was exposed for what it was really, or exposed enough so that it was not effective anymore.

Of course, there is no outright, formal narrative from the CIA admitting what went on, but it seems fairly clear that the powers-that-be used violence and mayhem throughout Europe and blamed it on leftists, rightists, fascists, communists and especially “anarchists.”

Here, from Wikipedia as regards a putative Operation Gladio attack: “Furthermore, starting with the 1969 Piazza Fontana bombing and the 1972 Peteano attack, several bombings carried out by the far-right were at first blamed on anarchists.” (Emphasis author’s.)

The patterns and narrative seem obvious: One looks to the emergent rhetoric – propaganda – to see what the global elites have in mind. These top dynastic families try to frighten people into going along with their psychopathic plans for globalism. The EU is one such plan.

The elites like to whisper that “all is in order” for world government, but the Internet is akin to a gaping hole that has been blown in the hull of the battleship that the elites had counted on to transport world government to the masses, and then enforce it.

Like the Bismarck, world government is on the way now, unsinkable and irreversible. Or is it? The Bismarck ended up at the bottom of the ocean. Let’s see where world government ends up.

The 2000s are not the 1970s, and it appears once again that an elite mind-control plot may have been discovered at the moment of inception. This must gravely concern the elites responsible for such manipulations.

How does one implement a global conspiracy when it is being exposed every day to millions of viewers? Is it driving them mad? Perhaps it is the reason they are trying their best to shut down the Internet …

Here’s hoping the alternative media continue to probe this apparent Gladio 2.0 and expose it, if this false flag is again operative.

Is Europe returning to the days when its cities and towns were being ravaged by state-sponsored terror groups like NATO’s Operation GLADIO, and the many groups it had infiltrated: The Red Brigades, IRA, Red Army Faction, Action Directe, Black September, and the PLFP? As the saying goes, ‘Out of that chaos came order’. Are we looking at a new reordering of the social and political landscape in a New Order? In the Eurozone, as in the wider world, it certainly looks that way. – Infowars (12/16/11)

Anarchy in the EU! Keep the word in mind.

Not six months ago, Patrick Henningsen announced an educated guess: “GLADIO 2.0 is in motion.”