Source: Kurt Nimmo

Despite establishment media hype predicting a repeat of the violence at the 1968 Democratic convention, the anti-NATO protests in Chicago have so far been largely non-violent.

Chicago cops tried to create a riot but not much came of it.

As of Sunday, a mere 45 protesters were arrested. “No details on the arrests were immediately available, but it appeared from the clashes that played out in front of television cameras that many of those arrested were taken into custody after refusing a police order to disperse,” the AP reports.

Chicago and the federal government squandered millions of tax payer dollars on a not-so secret “command center” to keep a watchful electronic eye on Americans exercising the First Amendment. The proudly advertised purpose of the high-tech fusion center was to protect “foreign ministers” who arrived to plot future NATO conquests and war crimes. Of course, these bureaucrats were never really in danger.

Chicago mayor Rahm Emanuel’s government worked with the Secret Service to turn downtown Chicago into a ghost town and deny workers and small businesses income. Eight foot tall “security fencing” created a declared “security perimeter” around downtown, Grant Park, and McCormick Place where the NATO war council convened.

Emanuel squandered over a million bucks on “riot equipment” for riots that have not so far taken place. Instead of rounding up violent anarchists and the like, the Chicago police have shut down miles of highway and streets so cars and pedestrians are prevented from accessing the city and thus inconveniencing ministers of war and globalist chaos at McCormick.

So absurd was the propaganda, we were told plans were on hand to evacuate the entire city, something that has not been contemplated since the fake threat of insane commies nuking America.

On Sunday, The Guardian reported that

the Chicago police – as well as myriad other federal, state, and local law enforcement agencies, such as the FBI and the US secret service – were out in force on riot-geared horses, bikes, and patrols – batons at the ready. Philadelphia Police Department is sending over reinforcements to help out; Chicago has also asked for recruits from police departments in Milwaukee and Charlotte-Mecklenburg, NC. Meanwhile, F-16 warplanes “screamed through the skies as part of a pre-summit defense exercise” and helicopters hovered incessantly.

An exaggerated government response to a minimal threat – including patsies with dangerous beer-making equipment – always outweighs the interest of mere citizen-subjects and a shrinking business sector that produces wealth (invariably confiscated in large part by government).

Millions spent for a threat that does not exist.

Massive and completely unwarranted police and military response to people protesting the self-congratulatory confabs of the global elite has nothing to do with security. Each progressively bizarre militarized object lesson underscores the elite’s demand that we submit to authority at gun-point or face phantom enemies who are so inept they cannot figure out how to blow up airplanes with underwear bombs.

Next up: the Olympics in London. It will serve as a platform for the continuation of over-the-top displays of grotesque military power. With every event, the outrageous demonstrations of police state technology coupled with missile launchers and armored vehicles drive home an unmistakable message eloquently spoken by the cartoon character Pogo: We have seen the enemy and he is us.