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Mystery Surrounds European Union Raid in Somalia … All is not apparently as it seems with the story of the raid. The European website DefenseReport claims that the Haradheere raid was carried out not by helicopters, but by actual EU troops on the ground. If true, this would mark a new, dramatically different approach … – EdsWorld (5/15/12)

Since December 2008, the EU has kept five to 10 warships off the Horn of Africa in an operation known as Atalanta. NATO has a similar anti-piracy flotilla known as Ocean Shield, and other countries — including the United States, India, China, Russia, and Malaysia — also have dispatched naval vessels to patrol the region … – AP (5/15/12)

Other points on Mr Hollande’s agenda include … plans to promote wider EU defence co-operation, including the prospect of a Euro Army long resisted by Britain. [He] will also argue that EU countries should abandon austerity measures to boost growth. – Daily Mail (5/17/12)

FAREWELL PARADE FOR AFGHANISTAN SOLDIERS OF HQ EUROCORPS … Due to the deployment of Eurocorps soldiers to Afghanistan from beginning of January 2012 to January 2013, the Deputy and Acting Commander of Eurocorps, Major General Walter Spindler, will give a Farewell Parade on 4 January 2012 for the soldiers. – (12/21/11)

EU ground troops have reportedly been employed in an attack on Somalia. The occasion was a raid against Somali pirates and EU helicopters were used as well.

Didn’t know that the EU had an army? Welcome to the 21st century.

Not only may the EU have placed troops on the ground in Somalia, but “Eurocorps” – the EU’s standing army based in Strasbourg – has headed over to Afghanistan for a one-year stint.

The EU may be nominally bankrupt, chaotic and hardly even a state in common parlance (it’s actually a confederation of sorts). But, by golly, as dysfunctional as it has become, it still has armed forces growing like Kudzu. Proving once more that “war is the health of the state.”

Here’s a prediction: The EU can actually go under and split asunder but somehow from its ruins, Eurocorps will yet emerge.

Military units are notoriously hard to undo. The EU army in fact has made its way despite supposed British resistance. But the global elites anchored in the City of London no doubt want a Euro-army. Thus the reason for its increased activity.

It is these elites that helped create the EU and today watch over it. It’s the reason that British Tory politicians have been consistently schizophrenic and dissembling. They serve two rulers: the City and the public – and the City is a far fiercer master.

And so British politicians have pretended that the EU is nothing more than a trade organization. Now that it is impossible to pretend anymore, this is the new British position: The EU is good for Europe and ought to be preserved.

In fact, it ought to be stamped on like a poisonous bug. It is a gigantic fascist state that is hell-bent on outdoing the US in removing human rights and creating neo-slavery. We read this recently on Infowars, reported by Aaron Dykes:

The European Union is now moving to create a mandatory electronic ID system for all EU citizens that would be implemented across Europe to standardize business both online and in person, authenticating users via a common ‘electronic signature.’

A single authenticating ID would guard access to the Internet, online data and most commerce. It is nothing short of an attempt to phase in a Mark of the Beast system, and a prominent Bilderberg attendee is behind the scheme.

Neelie Kroes is the EU’s Digital Agenda Commissioner, and is introducing legislation she hopes will force “the adoption of harmonised e-signatures, e-identities and electronic authentication services (eIAS) across EU member states.”

Why does the EU need its own army? The answer comes … Because the global elites are creating a global military force. Shall each “region” of the world have its own, planned army with NATO, perhaps, serving as the top command as it did in Afghanistan?

NATO is apparently meant to be the world’s army, the mighty arm of the UN (world government). Other regional military elements shall, perhaps, reside beneath it or adjacent to it, including Eurocorps and the US’s own Special Operations Forces that are scheduled for an ambitious expansion.

That seems to be the plan, anyway, though, it is true, other elite documents may call for the ultimate destruction of national armies. Certainly, NATO, virtually shattered by its vicious ineptitude in Afghanistan, grinds on like an out-of-control tank.

Despite the troubles of globalism, one can see elements of a worldwide military facility rolling forward inexorably. As to its ultimate realization and effectiveness, time will tell.