Source: Patrick Henningsen

As many Americans already know, it’s not uncommon for Facebook to ban certain groups and erase postings on its social network. Reports of Ron Paul supporters and sovereign citizen groups suffering this treatment have unfortunately become a normal occurrence on Facebook, as their big brother behind-the-scenes moderators work overtime in the US to steer political reality into an ever-narrower band of awareness.

A very real and disturbing new trend has taken off in conflict-ridden Syria, where rogue opposition groups, many of whom are already associated with the al-Qaida terrorist brand, are using Facebook to post the names, phone numbers and residential addresses of pro-Assad government supporters. At the end of these posts, the terrorists then leave a note of encouragement for other opposition members to “go and kill them”.

The ramifications of this trend are far-reaching and very dangerous. Domestically in the US, such incidents are normally dealt with via local and federal law enforcement agencies, but in countries like Syria, stopping abuses on the network can be a slower process, and can cost lives. In the fog of chaos, opportunists and criminal are also coming out of the woodwork to settle personal scores, seize property and engage in extortion and kidnapping.

Of course, censors and moderators at Facebook are nowhere to be found, as al-Qaida operatives in Syria are allowed to run rampid on their social network, issuing death threats and calls for cold-blooded murder.

The fact that many of the so-called ‘opposition’ in Syria are being backed with arms and logistics from the US State Department, in a manner that is openly undermining the UN-brokered ceasefire agreement by working to ship arms to anti-Syrian government rebels via regional proxies like Saudi Arabia, Qatar and over the Iraqi border – means that Facebook is now involved in Washington’s Syrian regime change plans. Facebook is on record as being set-up as a massive spying grid by the NSA and the CIA, which means that it will routinely turn a blind eye to any of Washington’s mercenary Mujaheddin criminal acts taking place of their digital platform.

No longer confined to the shadows of covert ops, Washington announced this week that it will in fact be supply arms to terrorist groups in Syria, claiming it will be ‘vetting’ its arms supply lines to the Free Syria Army, a move that will almost certainly increase the violence in that country. According the Daily Star in Lebanon today, “While some intelligence analysts worry that there may be no suitable recipients of lethal aid in the Syria conflict, the vetting plan has arisen as the least objectionable idea in a complicated situation”.

In addition, the social network is also being used to post staged killings as false flag events, designed to demonize the Syrian government security services, as well as similar fake videos of human rights violations – many of which are immediately taken up by major corporate media networks in the US and Europe.

Social networks have featured prominently in recent years, particularly Facebook and Twitter for helping to promote the Arab Spring in Tunsia, Egypt, Libya, and in Syria, and the western commentators and pundits have credited these websites as playing a pivotal role in spreading ‘freedom and democracy’ in these countries. In most cases, and as recent history has proven in Egypt, this importance has been grossly overstated and and in many cases, overseas manipulation of social media English language traffic has provided the lion’s share for the ‘pro-democracy’ illusion once championed by the news services in the west. With the ousting of Egypt’s career dictator Mubarak, came a new full-blown, military dictatorship, currently clinging to power with the popular Islamist Muslim Brotherhood leadership waiting in the wings.

But people worldwide are now getting wise to the virtual political sphere and are becoming increasingly aware that western intelligence operatives are not only using the social networks to achieve various propaganda ends, but are also, perhaps knowingly, allowing certain terrorists and ‘informants’ to use  the social networks to terrorize western political enemies.

As Mark Zuckerberg and his financial insiders scramble to avoid prosecution in the wake of the social network’s recent pump-and-dump IPO debacle, the US mainstream media has conveniently ignored Facebook’s enabling of actual terrorism in the Middle East.

Even in the face of such openly violent and criminal use of its platform, micro-managers for the online platform will routinely action relatively harmless cyber-bullying complaints against elementary school children, and in some cases, see actual US law enforcement involved in making arrests over virtual slurs. In most cases, the offending account holders will have their accounts suspended, or deleted for trivial events.

This latest disturbing news from Syria should not only highlight the hypocrisy of Facebook’s big brother censors, but it should also suggest the obvious link the company has to the highest echelons of the US Federal Government and its alphabet soup intelligence agencies.

We know Facebook’s policy on domestic censorship and trivial cyber-bullying, but what is Facebook’s public policy on al-Qaida using its international platform for terror?