“Fascism should more appropriately be called Corporatism because it is a merger of state and corporate power.” -Benito Mussolini


Source: Aaron Dykes & Alex Jones

The takeover of the Internet is literally a fascist partnership between Google, the NSA, US CYBERCOM and other key entities. In recent weeks, a court refused to disclose the links between Google and the NSA, but obviously it confirms the important bleed over that has long been documented and exposed.

General Keith Alexander, head of both the NSA & CYBERCOM, who meets annually at Bilderberg with the likes of Google’s Eric Schmidt, Microsoft’s Craig J. Mundie (and former CEO Bill Gates), Facebook’s founders & funders and others, recently testified to the Senate Armed Services Committee about US CYBER COMMAND’s mission.

Gen. Alexander endorsed the Department of Homeland Security’s Blueprint for a Cyber Secure Future, which he helped write and give feedback on. “We welcome and support new statutory authorities for DHS that would ensure this information sharing takes place; an important reason why cyber legislation that promotes this sharing is so important to the nation.”

Alexander further stated, “Foundational to [CYBERCOM’s mission] is the information sharing that must go on between the federal government and private sector, and within the private sector, while ensuring measures and oversight to protect privacy and preserve civil liberties.” Aside from the recognition of civil liberties that is merely for public consumption, this is a stark admission of the massive data theft that has been going on unchecked for sometime.

Such data mining, along with “identity-based access controls to services” (eerily close to fellow Bilderberger Neelie Kroes, of the EU Commission, would supposedly allow the prevention and detection of cyber crimes, hack attacks and any plans for “big” events like a (cyber) terror attack. To prepare for such paralyzing and potentially catastrophic events, CYBERCOM has done what it does best– go on the offensive. Information Week reports:

National Security Agency director and Cyber Command commander Gen. Keith Alexander said in October that “the advantage is on the offense” regarding cyber, and that the government should in some cases go after botnets and other malicious actors. Then, in November, the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) for the first time publicly discussed the fact that it was doing research into offensive cyber capabilities.

Gen. Alexander further bragged about CYBERCOM’s first major tactical exercise, dubbed “CYBER FLAG”, in which operators “engaged in realistic and intense simulated cyber combat against ‘live’ opposition.” Top brass at the Pentagon and numerous intelligence agencies, who are also involved in CYBERCOM according to Alexander, also participated in the multi-day exercise. Alexander cautioned that “CYBER FLAG was no mere drill, but a training exercise for those necessarily engaged in cyber operations now.” Wow.

US CYBERCOM, which is literally housed inside the National Security Agency (NSA), has only been in existence for two years and only operational for a little over a year, yet is eager to expand its powers in effort to guard the nation, its government agencies and peoples from cyber threats far and wide. Gen. Alexander cited numerous attempts to bring down military networks and those of their contractors. Hackers groups including Anonymous and LulzSec made 2011 the “Year of the Hacker,” Alexander told Congress, and things are clearly just getting started. Stuxnet (admittedly launched jointly by the U.S. & Israel) and other incidents have made that clear.