Source: Tony Cartalucci

Editor’s NoteIt is curious that the West is so seemingly outraged by the “massacre” in Houla Syria when NATO has been committing such atrocities along the Afghanistan-Pakistan border for now well over a decade.  Hundreds of civilians have been murdered by US drone attacks (hereherehere, and here) with the only difference seeming to be the manner in which these atrocities are reported – US mass-murder downplayed, obfuscated and buried under terms like “suspected militants” while any death in Syria, regardless of evidence is boldly pronounced as the work of the Syrian government. 

One can only imagine the international outcry should the Syrian government have declared it was abandoning the UN-brokered “cease-fire” and was resolved to dealing with its opponents in the “only language they understand, violence.” However, the Syrian government has not abandoned the ceasefire, and has played host to hundreds of UN monitors. Instead, it is the opposition making such claims – claims that have gone unchallenged by the so-called “international community.”

Since the beginning of the UN mission led by Kofi Annan, an open conspirator with the very foreign-interests on record intentionally seeking to destabilize and overthrow the Syrian government, the West has berated Syria for violating the ceasefire, even as they openly armed and encouraged the rebels to carry on their campaign of violenceReuters reported at one point that the Syrian rebels were overtly shifting to indiscriminate terrorist bombings during this “ceasefire,” which have claimed scores of lives, and left hundreds maimed, mostly civilians. Again, the UN and the “international community” gave only the vaguest condemnations, never mentioning or addressing the opposition directly. These bombs have even been directed at the UN monitors themselves, with the West, France specifically, then inexplicably condemning the Syrian government for not doing enough to provide security.

It is assumed that the Syrian government was expected to allow entire cities to be overrun by demonstrative sectarian violence, targeting Alawites, Christians, Druze, and Kurds, as well as any, including Sunnis, who were suspected of supporting the ruling government. It is imagined that had the government even conceded to allowing this to pass, it would be paradoxically accused of then not maintaining security and order under the “responsibility to protect,” or “R2P” doctrine.

It is clear that both the UN and NATO have determined that regime change will take place, and the violence unfolding in Syria will be used as a tool, regardless of the reality on the ground, as a means of accomplishing this predetermined goal. The West declared the UN mission a failure before the first UN monitor stepped foot in Syria, using its massive media machine to convince the world that only force, either through terrorist proxies like the “Free Syrian Army,” or a direct military intervention by NATO itself, would solve the unrest.

Clearly, looking at Libya, NATO’s previous intervention, this too is an obvious fabrication.

The UN is dangerously flirting with losing all credibility permanently by failing to condemn the Syrian opposition’s open discarding of the UN’s own peace plan, regardless of the excuse. The excuse the opposition is using is an alleged “massacre” in Houla Syria, near Homs, where the Western media and the UN have already repeatedly backpedaled after claiming government troops shelled 90 people, or “nearly a hundred” including many children to death, only to retract these reports and admit the majority of the victims were killed by death squads, and reducing the body count to 85. The Western media has also conceded that Syrian government troops were not responsible for these deaths, but that it was the work of what they call “pro-regime thugs.” Despite this shifting reality, the resolve to punish the government regardless remains.

Clearly sensationalized reporting was done in coordination with the “Free Syrian Army’s” declaration of abandoning the peace plan for maximum effect. And as more evidence comes out of Houla after numerous false reports, it is becoming even more nebulous as to who is actually responsible, with many of the corpses bearing slashed throats, a tactic generally employed by Al Qaeda terrorists, known to be operating not only in the area, but side-by-side with the Free Syrian Army, against Syrian troops.

Unlike in Libya, where the pace of military intervention moved faster than the public’s awareness of the true nature of the Libyan rebels, that they were indeed violent, listed terrorist organizations committing horrific atrocities, the Syrian violence has dragged on allowing independent observers to see the full scope of the “Free Syrian Army” with even Western agencies and the UN itself having to concede they are guilty of an increasing array of atrocities and utilizing terrorist tactics to achieve what appear to be sectarian, not “democratic” objectives.

Despite this, the UN is still playing along with Western ambitions to continue the narrative, even as the stage lies in ruins. It is left to Syria, its allies, and all nations interested in world peace, to condemn vocally the rebels for abandoning a ceasefire they never observed to begin with, and to recognize that any further aid, weapons, or support for such an opposition is the height of irresponsibility, sure to provoke, not prevent further bloodshed, and a crime against world peace.