Source: Secretive group irate over record number of demonstrators, media coverage

Source: Paul Joseph Watson

With over a thousand protesters heading to the site of the 2012 Bilderberg Group meeting, Bilderberg insiders are becoming increasingly concerned at how the spectacle will impact their much cherished desire for secrecy, according to our sources.

As we divulged earlier this month, Alex Jones has developed two sources who have intimate connections with the Bilderberg Group, the shadowy organization set to meet this week at the Westfields Marriott Washington Dulles hotel in Chantilly, Virginia.

The sources, one of whom was able to relate that the code name for this year’s confab is the “Palm Tree Conference,” tell us that Bilderberg’s inner circle has become irate in recent days over having to beef their security preparations in anticipation of record numbers of demonstrators.

Bilderberg is also fuming over the significant amount of press coverage they have received before the conference has even started, most notably a Politico article that highlighted an story about Florida Senator Marco Rubio being a Bilderberg favorite for Romney’s VP.

Bilderberg has worked for over 50 years to keep the details of their meetings private, but this year’s confab promises to deliver a deluge of revelations about the group’s agenda, a threat that has Bilderberg running scared.

Bilderberg’s attitude towards those who rail against the group’s underhanded influence on world affairs is notoriously elitist. During the 2010 conference in Spain, London Guardian journalist Charlie Skelton overheard Bilderberg organizers complain about the fact that people had “enough income” to be able to travel and protest against Bilderberg.

These demonstrators represented a “permanent threat” to Bilderberg and their presence was “very scary” to Bilderberg attendees, according to the conversation overheard by Skelton.

Given how Bilderberg members were confronted during last year’s meeting in St. Moritz, Switzerland, don’t expect the attendees to be taking any “nature walks” this time around.

In addition to the Politico piece, the Drudge Report, which drives more news traffic than Twitter and Facebook combined, has already posted a poll asking readers if they believe Bilderberg represents a gathering of “the real power masters,” the majority of whom clearly think so.

Bilderberg organizers are stuck between a rock and a hard place because while they want protesters to be kept well away from the hotel, footage of police cracking heads would represent a public relations nightmare for an organization that loathes the spotlight, which is why security is normally kept as low key as possible.

Last year this included the use of plain clothed Marines and diplomat-style security for the attendance of Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton.

Given what we’ve witnessed unfold at protests in places like Montebello, the potential for provocateurs to incite trouble and give Bilderberg an excuse to impose a wider exclusion zone around the hotel is always a real danger. Alex Jones reminds protesters to obey the law and not incite any reprisals from police or security.

Alex Jones and his crew are now traveling by road to the site of Bilderberg 2012 confab. They will be in place early to ensure every facet of the demonstration and Bilderberg’s agenda itself receives proper coverage.

Stay tuned to Prison and for Bilderberg master pages, which will feature live streaming video content and all our breaking coverage of Bilderberg 2012.