Source: Kurt Nimmo

Green Party Congressional Candidate Joseph Diaferia of New York is demanding that the elite Bilderberg and their far reaching policy deliberations be made public.

Green Party Congressional Candidate Joseph Diaferia.

“This is a Rockefeller construct,” Diaferia said in a press release issued today, “it would be imprecise to call it an organization because although it has its so-called regular attendees every year—David Rockefeller, Henry Kissinger, Robert Rubin, Vernon Jordan, Richard Holbrooke, Etienne D’Avignon, and so on—they have no offices, and they have no specific location or headquarters. They meet by invitation only, their meetings are closed, their findings are secret, but their decisions often have far-reaching implications. Given the chronology and trajectory of presidential politics before and after the 2008 Conference, it is not much to conclude that this is where Barack Obama’s beatification was finalized.”

Diaferia said the globalists attending the confab have until recently excelled at secrecy. “They still insulate themselves from public oversight or any other democratizing process. In fact, they finally stipulated to their existence only because they could no longer conceal it. For decades, independent journalists have pursued the Conference assiduously, and finally, David Rockefeller—I believe in his memoirs—had no choice but to acknowledge the Conference’s existence. But, their discussions and confabulations are never made public,” he said.

Diaferia thanked “political libertarians” and “left progressives” for recently exposing the Bilderberg agenda. He said the left has taken a new look at the globalist confab and many no longer attribute the “Bilderberg to the imaginations of conspiracy theorists.”

Although, as a Green socialist, Diaferia disagrees with Lou Dobbs, he notes that the former CNN anchor “reported that an amalgam of Rockefeller funded think tanks was, and perhaps still is, planning a North American Union.”

The American Free Press and its seasoned reporter Jim Tucker trail-blazed Bilderberg reportage early on. Alex Jones’ and Prison have reported on the Bilderberg conference for nearly a decade and are largely responsible for exposing the confab and its globalist agenda to the public.