Security crackdown surrounding elite confab intensifies

Source: Paul Joseph Watson


The security crackdown surrounding the Bilderberg Group confab in Chantilly, Virginia intensified today after a protester was arrested for little more than crossing the street. The incident followed the arrest of two activists yesterday for taking photographs.

The video clip shows a man in a white t-shirt appearing to cross the street in an attempt to get back onto the sidewalk. Even as he tries to walk back to the designated protest area, Fairfax cops grab the man, slap him in handcuffs and take him away.

The arrest appeared to be an intimidation tactic aimed at the hundreds of other demonstrators in attendance.

Indeed, when another protester began loudly asking what would happen if hundreds of protesters stepped onto the street, the police almost immediately left the scene.

As we reported yesterday, two protesters, one of them a veteran, were arrested last night simply for getting too close to arriving Bilderberg members’ limousines in an effort to take photographs.

The Washington Times also reported yesterday that its photographer was told by police “any attempt to get close to the building would result in arrest.”

Given the fact that the Bilderberg Group prefers their conference to be kept out of the media, arrests at the summit of power brokers are rare, but given the unprecedented security crackdown that has dominated the event this year, expect more incidents like this to occur over the next three days.