The World Bank helped finance a project in India that may be the tip of the iceberg leading into a cashless society. The project has been ongoing since 2008, but more recent activity has SMARTcards back in the news.

“SMARTcards” are arguably the best way for workers to save their money, as evidenced by a few workers in the “news piece” below who say it’s “safer” than actual money, however, all this seems like one big step in the right direction for a one-world global currency.

The application process is slightly invasive as well, requiring fingerprint scans of all 10 fingers.

At the end of last month, it was reported by Haveeru Online, a Maldives publication, that ID cards were being converted into SMARTcards.

Last week the Indian government spurred controversy when it was announced they spent $63,000 upgrading toilets in a government building and on SMARTcards (seemingly for access to the bathrooms?). After receiving negative feedback on the plan they decided not to go through with the SMARTcard portion, asone blogger notes.