Source: NBC Washington

Well, if it’s going to be this hot, at least it’s record-breaking heat.

The temperature yesterday hit 100. And today is expected to hit 101. Tomorrow may get to 104. Add in the humidity and it’ll feel a heck of a lot hotter. But today — the ninth day of the current heatwave — means that we’ve now beat out the previous record of eight consecutive days above 95 degrees.

Storm4 meteorologist Veronica Johnson says that the current heatwave, which started last Thursday, will run until Sunday, with high temperatures consistently above 95 degrees.

If it seems excessive, that might be because we haven’t seen this kind of heatwave in years. When this current heatwave ends on Sunday, it’ll be the longest — 11 days — that the region has ever felt. The last time it was this hot for this long was eight brutal days in 2002.

But this wave is hotter than other eight-day stretches. It is the hottest stretch for D.C. in 80 years, Storm4 meteorologist Doug Kammerer said.

Cooling storms are on the way to end the heatwave by Monday, but those could be severe.

Don’t take any chances with the heat. D.C. has issued an advisory recommending that area residents stay hydrated, stick to the shade, and wear loose, light-colored clothing. And don’t hesitate to call 911 if heat illness strikes — it’s an emergency.

Correction: A previous version of this story incorrectly stated that there was a heatwave of 22 consecutive days over 95 degrees in 2002. There were 22 days over 95 degrees over the course of the summer of 2002.