If you hate Obama – I agree with you.

He is a warmonger, a liar, a tool of the globalists and banksters he continued to bailout after following inBush‘s footsteps.

He has brought in laws that destroy American citizens liberty like the NDAA, indefinite detention of US citizens without due process as well as normalising the killing of US citizens by Presidential decree.

He attacks supposed allied countries like Pakistan and kills hundreds by remote control through the expansion of the drone programme that has now been expanded to be used inside the USA itself. Feel threatened? You should do.

He has expanded the war on terror and the war on main street all whilst looking after his buddies in Wall Street.

His major “win”, Obamacare is nothing more than a sop to big business that forces people to buy insurance they may not want or cannot afford. Instead of doing what a true liberal would and bring in a public or taxpayer funded option he chose a halfhearted middle of the road option no-one really wanted apart from the health insurance companies.

The list of his misdeeds are long and he has carried out many actions that true Democrats, Conservatives, Liberals or just decent people with morals and a love of freedom and liberty shouldn’t be happy with.

However if you are a Republican voter, aGOP supporting Mitt Romney lover then I have to ask – what do you think is going to change if he gets elected?

Are jobs suddenly going to come rushing back to the US shores?

Mitt Romney worked for a company that spent it’s time sacking American workers and off-shoring US jobs to foreign countries so why would he change his spots now. If you think the highest rung of the career ladder is serving burgers at McDonalds, get used to it.

Are the wars going to stop in Afghanistan and Pakistan (a supposed ally), Yemen, Somalia and all the other places we probably don’t even know about?

No of course not – the GOP are “strong on defence” which really means that they love going to war against weaker countries  and subsidising apartheid nations in the Middle East with expensive military hardware that is then reverse engineered and sold on to enemy nations at half price.

It also means that lots of US dollars are wasted by firing expensive missiles into Afghan and Somali mud huts as well as killing thousands of innocent civilians (“collateral damage”) in the hope of getting one jihadist/terrorists/freedom fighter/person pissed off that their family members were murdered in earlier drone strikes.

Inaccurate war by drone attack is the face of the future and the drones are already patrolling the skies of US cities.

At the same time as turning the US population into a country ready to rebel. The one party system they call US governance is busy creating future enemies around the world. All so that the military industrial complexcan continue sucking money out of US taxpayers pockets in future years.

Are the banksters who ruined the economy under Bush and previous administrations going to be punished and end up in jail?

No of course not – they haven’t done under Obama and Romney is probably more in the pocket of Wall St than his rival. I don’t hold up hope of seeing the heads of Goldman Sachs and JP Morgan in a court anytime soon.

Are the lost liberties destroyed under the PATRIOT ACT, the NDAA, the Executive Orders, the Signing Letters, the death squads and all the other laws rushed through after 9.11 and then carried on by Obama going to be repealed by Romney?

I don’t think so.

If he was a true lover of the constitution he would rip up those laws, return the USA to a non emergency powers state and return habeas corpus even to Gitmo detainees – most of which the Obama administration know are innocent but for some reason won’t let free.

He would close Gitmo and try any terrorists they currently have that actually have evidence pointing their way.

He would stop targeted killings by drones and try to restore some form of moral standing in the world for the country that was once a beacon of liberty and freedom.

The sad embarrassing fact that Obama was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize so early in his administration makes the whole Nobel Prize system a joke and I hope Obama shudders in shame every-time he see’s any mention of the prize.

There is a reason Russia and China laugh when US UN officials accuse the Syrian government of targeted killings.

None of this evil doing by a Democrat will change under Romney 0r a Republican Presidency. Bush was a Republican and he started most of it off in the first place whereas Obama campaigned on changing it all and then did a 360 degree turn once in the White House.

In fact even more tax payers money will be wasted creating terrorists for future generations of middle and lower class Americans to fight on behalf of the rich puppet masters if the Koch brothers friend and puppet is installed at POTUS.

So the wars won’t stop, liberty will continue to be destroyed getting the USA ready for it’s next stage as a Chinese labour shop with no worker rights, health care and lengthy prison sentences on the say so of any official with a grudge against you.

So then I ask again what will actually change if Mitt Romney is elected President?