Author and environmentalist Andrew Blackwell found in man’s disaster a shining desolate place that humans had vacated, and now returned to nature.

Source: Aaron Dykes

Featured on NPR’s All Things Considered, author and environmentalist Andrew Blackwell heralded the beauty of Chernobyl, a man-made disaster, now a wasteland, where he found a shining desolate place that humans had vacated, and now returned to nature.

Part of a ‘love letter to pollution,’ Blackwell discusses his bookVisit Sunny Chernobyl, sounding off in poetic language “Paradoxically, perversely, the accident may actually have been good for this environment.”

Listen to the interview with Andrew Blackwell here.

From NPR’s website:

“Because it’s [a] quarantined, radioactive zone, everyone has left a long time ago, and very few people spend any time there,” he tells weekends on All Things Considered host Guy Raz. “You’ve got to go in spring, obviously, and it’s just full of trees and birds and insects. And it’s sort of become this huge, accidental wilderness preserve.”

In a way, nature has taken over.

“The birds and the bees and the animals and the wolves are not aware, and/or don’t care about radioactive contamination the way we do,” Blackwell says. “There’s nothing like it, and it’s an absolutely unique place, and most of it is just flat-out beautiful.”

Blackwell observes a synergy between nature and the radioactive contamination: “So it’s not just a place that has been contaminated with radiation and radioactive particles. They are sort of in it, which is another thing that makes it so incredibly fascinating … the ecosystem itself has sort of incorporated that pollution.”

Yes, with Fukushima still falling out, we are again witnessing the celebration of harmful and destructive nuclear disasters– now salvaged as an environmentalist’s ironic, symbolic victory-from-disaster. For all hopes of scaling back the scourge of civilization, Nature seems at peace with nuclear dead zones, if this author’s account is any indication.

Like Ann Coulter, Blackwell tries to convince the world that nuclear radiation has actually helped us and the environment. In the immediate aftermath of Fukushima, Coulter claimed that “radiation is good for you,” adding the Orwellian claim that “excess radiation operates as a sort of cancer vaccine.” Other Fox News contributors have boldly stated thatFukushima has caused zero deaths.

Ann Coulter’s “Glowing” Report on Radiation

Nuclear expert Dr. Christopher Busby accused Guardian columnist George Monbiot of being “criminally irresponsible” for downplaying the effects of Japan’s disaster, in part for his article, “Why Fukushima made me stop worrying and love nuclear power,” which cited global warming as a bigger threat than nuclear fallout. The corporate media have similarly tried to convince the mindless public that mercury is good for you! Incredibly, this “news” report claims that mercury based preservatives in vaccines may help not harm neurological behavior.

Silence, cover-ups and lies about the extent of the effects of the radiation have cost untold millions of deaths. The partial meltdown at the Santa Susana Field Laboratory nuclear salt reactors in 1959 went undisclosed to the public for decades, with total effects unknown. A recent survey found 48 of 65 nuclear reactors in the U.S. are leaking, with many of them introducing tritium, the radioactive element of hydrogen, to the environment. Our recent investigation into Austin’s nuclear secrets raises further questions about illegal dumping of waste and the lack of disclosure to the public on nuclear issues.

Of course, Blackwell is NOT overtly saying that radiation is good for living humans or that he’d like to see people die (at least, I presume not; it could be in the book). However, his book’s iconic title Visit Sunny Chernobyl is attempting to create an association of doom with beauty; inverting the darkness of disaster with the image-wording of ‘sunny.’ Thus creating at least a few positive connotations with meltdown and annihilation. The author’s only agenda may well be to use a little irony to cut through the saturated market for book sales and media influence.

But his poetry on the landscape of apocalypse speaks the language of nihilistic technocrats, eugenicist legacy causes, environmentalist-bankers, UN controllers and climate change fanatics alike. When Blackwell finds solace in the pristine remains of an act that drove out humans through immense dark power, he resonates with those pursuing the cause of rewilding and depopulating the earthBleak but beautiful. Extreme measures for extreme times. The end justifies the means.

Agenda 21 For Dummies NWO depopulation 

This author plays into the imagery of what amounts to the ultimate fantasy of your average upper eschelon eco-terrorist from the ranks of international policy bodies, finance, government or private eugenics sector: rewriting the earth via revolutionary causes (think 12 Monkeyslaced with Agenda 21 undertones. Blaming humanity for ruining the planet, all while hoping to someday toast a scorched earth with scant a person around. A sort of Logan’s Run wash over in balance with humanity’s greatest excesses. Whether intentional or not, the coined phrase “Visit Sunny Chernobyl” repeats a subtle propaganda meme that joins in concert with a wide campaign working to sell the public on the idea that humanity itself is bad for the planet (seeHumanity’s Ultimate Secret below). Therefore, since humans are bad, extermination is necessary, and somehow, even a brilliant control mechanism and balancing act for the earth. Rather than actually recognizing who is repeatedly wrecking things, or addressing why nuclear meltdowns are happening, and stopping them, the population turns its head and creates an internal fiction to train themselves to accept and, finally, love their servitude, even in the depths of austere bleakness of apocalyptic proportions.

Just as Aldous Huxley predicted that the Brave New World would be a future of people who “love their servitude,” there is an attempt going on to persuade the public into “loving their radiation”– by raising the “safe” limits, downplaying effects, by talking little about it, all part of an attempt to create a false memory about all the ‘good’ that nuclear has done for us, now not in spite of, but because of its disasters.

Blackwell’s smug embrace of beauty in all things is signing a willing surrender of mankind’s future, and embracing the post-human world they say is to come. Because a corrupt elite have hijacked the mechanisms of social control, and have given into maniacal urges to implode development, and kill and destroy, many well-meaning people give into a severe Stockholm syndrome and nihilistically cheer on those designing a world without humans.

If we allow ourselves to believe we are trash, we accept a great evil perpetrated upon the planet. Instead, we must create awareness and reset the global course and chart our future to steer away from the rocks of dehumanization, depopulation and death.

Alex’s recent video on humanity’s prime directive tackles these issues with great clarity:

So do the stark visions for the future explored in Endgame: Blueprint for Global Enslavement:

Another digestible explanation comes from Alex’s mini-film New World Order: Blueprint of Madmen (full film at link), which tackled the inconvenient truth that is the so-called “elites” collective mental illness, and their tendency towards democide (death by government), which killed more than 260 million people in the 20th Century alone.