Source: Saman Mohammadi

The surrealist aspect of “The Dark Knight Rises” mass shooting is spooky. But what if it is even spookier than we can imagine? What if Alex Jones is right and this mass casualty event was staged by U.S. intelligence and security services to create a pro-gun control political atmosphere in the United States?

One apparent political motive is to tilt American public opinion towards gun control laws and pressure politicians into backing the Obama administration on gun control. Coincidentally, on July 27, 2012, President Obama and Hillary Clinton are going to sign the UN gun control treaty.

Another motive is to increase the role of the TSA, beef up security in all areas of society, and make the American people accept the new radical changes as necessary and legitimate.

A mass shooting is a form of political terrorism, but the political motive is not raised in the media or by police, instead it is suppressed. The suspects in almost all mass shooting cases are mute and drugged up robots who obediently hand themselves over to the authorities after they’re finished killing. They act like trained killers who go back to their owners.

So could the mass killer James Holmes be a CIA mind controlled operative? It’s possible. The CIA has trained many Jason Bourne-type killers, and has planned other state terror events, with 9/11 being the most famous example. The CIA may be playing a sick joke and twisting reality by unleashing a real Jason Bourne at a Batman screening.

Anders Breivik, the mass shooter in Norway, was connected to government intelligence and a Knights Templar group. Some people have said that he was a brainwashed patsy. Does Holmes fit this mold?

Could the Obama administration be using political terrorism to achieve their political goals of destroying the second amendment and popularizing the UN gun control treaty? It is not out of the question. They came up with Fast and Furious, which led to the deaths of Americans. So we have to remember that the White House and CIA are controlled by evil totalitarian fascists who believe the end justify the means. They are ruthless.

The demonic U.S. government has used state terrorism before to shift public opinion on an issue. Also, let’s not forget that a former Clinton official said in 2010 that only a terror attack can save the Obama administration.

None of this speculation and questioning is unjustified. We live in wild and crazy times. Life has turned into a movie, and the CIA is writing the script. With that said, it is too early to tell if the trail of blood leads to the CIA and White House. There is little concrete evidence that shows they were behind this mass shooting. There are clues and coincidences. But these are not enough to form a rock solid opinion on the matter.

I have not made my mind up yet about this incident. I have to sleep on it. It is a mistake to rush to judgment. Maybe this tragic mass shooting is connected to elements of the Deep State. Or maybe this was just a crazy guy who was hypnotized by The Dark Knight, especially the Joker character, and fantasized about killing people.

At the end of the day, we have to use our intuition. There are twists and turns in this bizarro world. Life is a mysterious adventure that is filled with terror and joy, tragedy and triumph, darkness and light. We should be surprised by nothing. And we must be willing to go to wherever the truth takes us, even if it is a very dark place.

Watch this video by Alex Jones called, “Is Batman Massacre Staged Terror?”