Source: Jon Rappoport

Aurora, Colorado, has a law against people carrying guns in public, which of course means somebody dressed up like The Joker, who has weapons, can kill at random.

On April 22nd of this year, members of the New Destiny Church were heading toward a massacre.

As the April 24, 2012, Huffington Post reported, Kiarron Parker, 29, drove erratically into the Church lot, crashed his car, got out, and, without reason, fired his gun at the pastor’s mother, who had rushed from the Church service to see what she could do to help. Parker opened fire and put five bullets into her, killing her.

Parker then started to enter the Church, where who knows how much more killing he would have done, when the pastor’s cousin, an off-duty cop named Antonio Milow, who could legally carry a gun, and was carrying, shot and killed Parker.

It’s easy (and absurd) to say the Aurora gun laws were working. The off-duty cop wasn’t there on official assignment.

Does this offer a clue about gun control?

Would you rather say no one should ever be in or around a church with a gun? Would you rather offer that elevated sentiment as the shield of protection for the parishioners of the New Destiny Church in Aurora, Colorado?

Or would you rather re-think gun control?

Funny thing, James Holmes is garnering far more publicity than off-duty cop, Antonio Milow, did. Wonder why?

Who deserves more publicity?

Let’s see. If every off-duty cop and every private citizen who shot a killer made a splash on the order of James Holmes, the whole attitude about guns in America might settle into a sane zone in the public mind, and the whole tenor of discourse about guns might swamp the politicians who are braying about the need to confiscate all guns not belonging to the government or criminals.

And then of course, there is this: if a private citizen, breaking the laws of Aurora, had been sitting in the theater at the midnight showing of Batman, with his gun in his holster, and if he had drawn it and put the shooter on his back, as soon as the first sign of violence erupted, where would that private citizen be right now? In jail? Would the police be issuing some lunatic statement about a violation of local ordinances? Would they be saying there was no way to know the true intent of the killer, or whether he would have continued his rampage if the private citizen hadn’t killed him? Would the police and the city attorney be warning the citizens of Aurora to leave their guns at home, because the private citizen who killed the mass murderer in the theater was just “lucky?”

Would they dare?