Source: Charlie Daniels CNS News

The world is aware and aghast at the horrible and bizarre tragedy that took place in Aurora, CO. At the time of this writing, the details are still somewhat sketchy but as they emerge it becomes evident that James Holmes had been planning this abominable evil for some time.

From the pictures I’ve seen so far, this monster appears perfectly normal; not the look of a heartless mass murderer on the level with any al-Qaeda terrorist, capable of causing indiscriminate death and suffering with no regard for age or innocence.

The true extent of the suffering he has caused can only be felt by the family members of the dead victims and those who lie in hospital beds, their lives forever changed for doing something as mundane as walking into a movie theater. My heart and prayers go out to each one of them.

The nation is in shock and wondering how we go about keeping acts like this from ever happening again. Of course the politicians are licking their chops and the anti-gun lobby is chomping at the bit to take advantage of the moment to pass some meaningless piece of feel good firearms legislation.

Let me say here and now. I have owned guns since my preteen years, every male in our family had guns, our neighbors had guns, our acquaintances had guns, but not one of us ever fired one in an offensive fashion unless it was by virtue of serving in the military, or in a sheriff’s posse in bygone years.

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