Source: Kurt Nimmo

In the wake of the shooting in Aurora, Colorado, the Department of Homeland Security and the city of Houston, Texas, have released a instructional video on what to do during an “active shooter” event.

Entitled “Run, Hide, Fight,” the video depicts a fictional shooting incident at an office building. It tells citizens they should try to escape a shooter by running, hiding, or as a last resort fighting. “As a last resort, working together or alone, act with aggression, use improvised weapons and fight,” the City of Houston Mayor’s Office of Public Safety and Homeland Security instruct.

If potential victims, however, were armed and trained in the proper use of firearms, ineffectual “improvised weapons” would not be necessary.

Currently, 43 states allow the open carry of handguns. According to the Armed Citizens League (ACL), of those states, only 14 require a citizen to possess a concealed carry permit to legally participate in open carry while other states, like Virginia, have no permit requirements.

“Let’s remember, the heinous crimes committed at Columbine, Virginia Tech and most recently in Arizona were all committed with legally purchased guns. Let’s ask ourselves, if a carry permit issued by a state, or denial thereof, would have changed anything in the hearts and minds of the criminals who committed these violent acts,” the ACL noted prior to the event in Colorado.

“Gun ownership isn’t about duck hunting, it’s about saving your life and defending all the civil liberties we enjoy in this country,” said Dick Heller following the Aurora shooting. Heller is the plaintiff in the landmarkgun rights Supreme Court decision, District of Columbia v. Heller. “In Colorado, I am surprised someone wasn’t armed to be able to defend themselves or to shoot back,” he said.

Heller told Human Events a community armed and trained in the use of firearms is a strong deterrent to a potential shooter. “Because the shooter does not know what their risk level is.”

We shouldn’t expect, however, the Department of Homeland Security to call for armed citizens to fight back. Government is opposed to citizens taking on the responsibility of their own defense and are actively working to disarm the people, as a blizzard of gun laws and other restrictions on the Second Amendment reveal.

Instead, they would have us fight against shooters armed with 12-gauge pump shotguns – as depicted in the above video – with fire extinguishers.