Source: Susanne Posel

Police in Oak Creek, Wisconsin, are calling the shooting at a Sikh temple an act of domestic terrorism – although no details or other possible motives have been mentioned by the police chief John Edwards.

The “lone gunman” killed 6 people and critically wounded 3 before he was killed himself by law enforcement.Hindustan Times reports that the gunman was a white male, “with a 9/11 tattoo.”

The police department arrived at the scene in tactical gear, armed with assault weapons in armored vehicles; including the police bomb unit (which Milwaukee County sheriff’s spokesperson Fran McLaughlin said she was not clear as to why they were called to the scene).

Eye witnesses to the shooting say that a team of four men dressed in “dark clothing” were responsible for the killings. These initial reports completely contradict the official story by the police that a “lone gunman” was the suspect they shot and killed.

More initial reports stated that the local hospital was told to expect anywhere between 8 – 20 people. At the time of this call-in the suspect was “still at large”.

Edwards relayed that the FBI was handling the investigation because the shooting was being treated as a domestic terror attack. Tactical units converged on the temple, preformed a sweep through the interior and exchanged gunfire with the suspected gunman outside the temple.

US Attorney James Santelle, who is analyzing the case, stated that he cannot determine if this is a case of domestic terrorism, although reports are claiming it is, justifying the FBI involvement so quickly.

Kurt Weins, resident who lives in an upper flat in a cordoned off area close to the location of the shooting, was told by law enforcement not to speak to the press after they conducted their interview of his summation of the events.

Seven victims died before police arrived on the scene at 10:25 am in Oak Creek. Themainstream media is pointing to this incident being “the second mass shooting in the US in less than a month” while also mentioning that this tragedy could be related to the House of Representatives requesting that FBI monitor hate crimes directed at Sikhs in April; nearly 2 months ago, Attorney General Eric Holder and FBI Director Robert Muller were warned to watch for this exact type of incident.

Naming Sikh-Americans as possible targets for “hate crimes” the letter to Holder and Muller commented on the Sikh’s “distinct identity and common misperceptions with respect to their attire and appearance” saying that this group is often erroneously believed to be “affiliated with extremists and were somehow responsible for the September 11 terrorist attacks.”

It was arbitrarily mentioned in an MSM article that the gunman had a “9/11 tattoo” possibly making the tie between the attack and 9/11 retaliation.

Joseph Crowley, House Representative wrote in a letter to Holder and Muller that: “Numerous reports have documented how those practicing the Sikh religion are often targeted for hate violence because of their religiously-mandated turbans — i.e. because of their Sikh identity, regardless of whether the attacker understands the victim to be Sikh or not.”

In June, Michele Bachmann wrote a letter to various federal agencies including the US State Department, the Department of Justice and the Department of Homeland Security, warning them of the dangers of the Muslim Brotherhood and their ties to key members of the Obama administration; including Huma Abedin , top aide to Hillary Clinton, Secretary of State. In that letter, Bachmann mentioned the possibility of Sikh “hate crimes” being carried out under false pretense of ignorance for the religious ideals of the Sikhs.

According to the Indian Embassy, the US National Security Council and the Indian Consulate are watching the progress of this case. An embassy official was sent to Oak Creek.

Muller and President Obama have spoken about the shooting, as well as White House chief Jack Lew and Homeland Security adviser John Brennan.

The latest gun grab seems to be centered on the use of guns in “hate crimes” as anti-government activists are being tied to this incident with the letter to Holder and Muller. While the Batman shooting began the national debate over whether or not to have stricter laws concerning gun procurement, this latest incident is specifically being billed as a “lone wolf” with a directed motive to commit domestic terrorism against a religious group who may be somehow tied to the 9/11 truth movement. Is the FBI seeking to target 9/11 truthers in their latest addition to the ever-growing list of terrorists to watch on the FBI “Communities Against Terrorism”.