Yet another pro-gun story you will not be hearing about on mainstream news

Source: Adan Salazar

According to KCTV5, an 87-year-old woman defended her home from two cat burglars by scaring them off with her pistol.

Christopher Lewis, Left, and Lance Staton were linked to a string of robberies in the area.

The incident happened last Thursday morning near Hendersonville, North Carolina. She apparently witnessed the two burglars break in, then quickly retrieved her 9mm handgun.

The woman, whose name was not provided, then called 911 saying she had been burglarized but that she thought she had scared her assailants off with her gun because “she didn’t see anything but heard one person leave.”

Reportedly, when the dispatcher asked her to call 911 back if the burglars returned, the woman replied, “No I’m going to shoot them…well you know, I will stay armed until the police get here.” The dispatcher then asked her to secure her gun while officers arrived, to which she agreed.

Fortunately, the two suspects were captured later that day. The woman is somewhat of a hero as the two were linked to a string of robberies that have occurred in the area. Twenty-four-year-old Christopher Lewis and Lance Staton, 24, are both under $60,000 bonds on charges of first degree burglary and are detained at the local county detention center.

One of the woman’s alleged assailants Lewis is a registered sex offender. Potentially, the 87-year-old may have saved herself from being raped in addition to being burglarized.

By the looks of the Henderson County Sheriff’s FAQ page, criminals would be foolish to attempt burglaries anywhere in that county. They list: “How do I apply for a permit to purchase a gun?” in their top ten frequently asked questions, followed by “How do I apply for a Carry Concealed Weapon Permit?”

It’s apparent the citizens of Henderson County, NC deeply value their right to bear arms, as did this Florida man, 71-year-old Samuel Williams, who last month defended himself, his wife and a group of people by use of his own concealed handgun against an armed holdup in an internet cafe. That story didn’t make major headlines either, but it deserves revisiting.