Source: Adan Salazar

Department of Homeland Security ICE Chief of Staff Suzanne Barr’s resignation Saturday amid allegations of lewd and overtly sexual conduct towards male personnel couldn’t have come at a worse time for DHS, the agency that’s already been receiving more than its fair share of attention concerning the numerous cataloged defective crimes of their employees.


Barr, who was first named in a complaint directed at DHS Secretary Janet Napolitano, placed herself on voluntary leave two weeks ago pending the outcome of a review by Homeland Security’s Inspector General and Office of Professional Responsibility, investigating allegations that Barr created and encouraged a “frat-house type atmosphere that is targeted to humiliate and intimidate male employees.”

The first complaint, filed by the head of the New York office for ICE James T. Hayes Jr., maintains discrimination and retaliation at the hands of DHS Secretary Janet Napolitano, who supposedly hired Dora Schriro to incrementally take over Hayes’ position because of a “long standing relationship” Schriro had “with the Secretary.” The affidavit summarizes that Hayes “was being replaced in his duties because of this relationship and because he was not female.”

Hayes’ complaint (.pdf) describes the various instances in which male employees were objectified. His affidavit alleges that “Barr moved the entire contents of the offices of three male employees, including name plates, computers, and telephones, to the men’s bathroom at ICE headquarters.”

Hayes’ affidavit spells out another instance in which “Barr covertly took an ICE blackberry device assigned to a male Special Agent in Charge and sent a Blackberry Messenger message to his female supervisor indicating that the male employee had a crush on the female supervisor and fantasized about her.”

Male employees that would “play along with her sexually charged games,” including the three who were relocated to the lavatory, were then “promoted or otherwise rewarded.”

The affidavit goes on to recall an occasion in which Barr phoned a male employee in his hotel room screaming that she wanted “his [expletive] in the back of [her] throat.”

Hayes’ complaint encouraged at least two others to step forward and recount their own experiences of sexual harassment.

Another affidavit offered a witness account of an October 2009 discussion of Halloween plans between Barr and a senior ICE employee, in which Barr remarked, “You a sexy mother [expletive].” “She then looked at his crotch and asked, ‘How long is it anyway?’”according to the affidavit, reports Fox, to which several employees were forced to laugh nervously.

Another tale divulges a 2009 trip to Colombia where Barr, ICE Director John Morton and ICE Special Agent Ray Parmer were “drinking heavily” at the deputy chief of mission for the U.S. Embassy’s house, where Barr approached another male employee offering to give him oral sex.

Both Barr and ICE Director of Public Affairs Brian Hale have gone on record calling the claims “unfounded.”

What Barr stands accused of is certainly appalling, but it’s only a minor stain on DHS’s already filthy public image, made all the worse by a recent OIG Summary of Significant Investigations report, which cataloged a startlingly high number of DHS employee-perpetrated crime in a one year period.


The DHS, which has come to umbrella the offices of the Border Patrol Agency, FEMA, the disgusting TSA, and even the Coast Guard since its creation in 2004, published a probing study into their own various sub-agencies amid allegations of corruption or compromise of DHS employees.

The report lists the arrests of 318 DHS employees and contractors in 2011 alone. “That’s about one arrest per weekday of the men and women who are supposed to be keeping the country safe,” Wired’s Danger Room notes.

The report starts with a Customs Border Patrol Officer sentenced to more than 9 years for “providing drug traffickers with his work schedule and lane assignments, which they used to coordinate their smuggling efforts through his inspection lane.”

Another Border Patrol Officer is noted to have plead guilty to using “the internet to view child pornography and engage in sexually explicit conversations with juvenile females on his personal laptop computer,” and another was convicted of assisting a smuggler bring about 40 undocumented aliens into the United States.

One ICE agent plead guilty to smuggling drugs into a local jail that housed ICE detainees and purchasing crack cocaine “while in uniform, armed, and in control of his government-owned vehicle.” Another ICE Supervisory Special Agent was caught stealing government-owned property, like “printer cartridges, flashlights, law enforcement equipment and portable radios,” and selling it on eBay, the estimated value of which was reported between $30,000 to $70,000.


TSA agents, whose debauchery we regularly report, are revealed to have been sentenced for hate crimes – including one instance where a TSO was observed chasing and threatening to kill a young Somali male and, another time, “strongly” grabbing the neck of another 82-year-old man “while verbally identifying him as a Somali and cursing him,” – several instances of theft from passengers’ luggage, and also viewing child pornography.

These are the people that stand behind naked body porno scanners and pat down your family, conduct unconstitutional checkpoints and are supposed to keep you safe from terrorists.

From the over-policing paranoia of the RNC, to the botched Fast and Furious ATF fiasco, and more recently, an audit conducted by the acting inspector general (IG) at DHS showing 2,527 crimes committed since 2004 by DHS employees, it seems the DHS just can’t seem to get it together.

Perhaps that’s because the DHS is an agency created in response to 9/11 to chase a ghost enemy, the “potential terrorist” that never really existed and, therefore, can never be caught.

The Department of Homeland Security was created on the pretext that there are terrorist elements workingoutside of our government to harm the American way of life, but the agency has since used that pretext to point the cannon at “domestic terrorists,” veterans, and anyone who shows defiance or dissents in any way.

On a lighter note, Wired’s Robert Beckhusen reports, “There’s also some good news. The number of [DHS] arrests is going down: there were 519 arrests in 2010, compared to the 318 last year.”

Barr’s alleged lascivious behavior is just a small glimpse into the larger depraved world of our power elite. Her alleged crimes pale in comparison to those perpetrated by her DHS colleagues and the crimes of our former, current and future presidential administrations.