Source: Kurt Nimmo

Despite a scary FBI bulletin warning that anarchists would use IEDs to create murder and mayhem at the RNC, nothing happened. Police vastly outnumbered protesters and the show went on without a hitch.

The DNC in Charlotte will more than likely be a repeat of the RNC in Tampa, but that hasn’t stopped the feds from squandering millions of your hard-earned dollars on a high-tech communications center that is more accurately described as a fusion center.

The Multi-Agency Communication Center is “essentially the guts of the U.S. government – or at least the parts that matter when there’s a big, big problem,” the Charlotte Observerreported on Saturday. “Fifty-plus agencies have representatives at the center starting Sunday, ranging from the Environmental Protection Agency to the Federal Bureau of Investigation to the Secret Service.”

Charlotte cops, the National Guard, “military personnel,” and “little-known agencies like the White House Military Office and the Chemical Biological Incidents Response Force” are also on hand just in case anarchists or al-Qaeda bad guys get any funny ideas about interrupting Obama’s dog and pony show or threatening “the community, dignitaries and event participants,” incidents described as “eventualities” by the government.

If the government has learned anything from past experience, such “eventualities” are a remote possibility inside Charlotte’s 100-square block security zone. Most terrorist plots in the United States are hatched by the FBI and government infiltrated anarchist groups are not interested in blowing up bridges with IEDS, as the FBI absurdly claimed prior to the RNC, but usually smash bank windows and trash the local McDonald’s.

Despite this, the Air Force is ready “to intercept mysterious planes straying into Charlotte’s restricted airspace.” Let’s hope they do a better job at this then they did on September 11, 2001.

No, the fusion center set-up in Charlotte is not about terrorism. It is about monitoring and neutralizing any opposition that manages to get a foothold inside the sprawling police state zone surrounding the DNC. If the RNC is any indication, though, protests will at best be minimum with negligible coverage by the corporate media as it instead fawningly focuses on Obama and his DNC co-conspirators and cronies.

On Sunday, a March on Wall Street South in Charlotte “drew only a fraction of the turnout organizers were expecting and was as free of mayhem as protests a week earlier outside the Republican National Convention in Tampa. The march had been planned as the centerpiece of the week’s protests,” reports the Huffington Post.

The lightly attended march was sponsored by the usual suspects, including socialists and the foundation funded and controlled pranksters at Code Pink.

Like the RNC, the establishment’s expensive shindig in Charlotte provides a venue to show off the police state in all its authoritarian glory. In addition to thousands of cops from multiple jurisdictions, National Guard troops, and a $50 million grant from you, the American tax payer, to make sure nothing untoward occurs (like meaningful protest), the event will feature TSA goons doing their grope-down thing and the Fourth Amendment will become a quaint relic of the past as cops search everybody and everything at their discretion.

The DNC will feature the police state at its finest. It is another beta test for things to come after the next gaggle of grocery clerks and script readers head for Congress and the White House and the economy finally and irrevocably crashes.