Federal agency re-issues glib response to controversy over liquid testing

Source: Paul Joseph Watson

In the aftermath of our TSA story going viral yesterday after being prominently linked on the Drudge Report, the federal agency has issued its usual glib, inadequate response as to why travelers are being forced to have their drinks tested for explosives after they have already passed through airport security.

The TSA’s ludicrous new policy was highlighted yesterday in a video shot at Columbus Ohio Airport which shows TSA agents using a test strip to check travelers’ drinks at the departure gate.

The TSA’s official Twitter account sent out a link to an earlier post on the TSA blog which achieved little other than emphasizing once again how glib, myopic and arrogant the TSA is in failing to acknowledge the sheer idiocy of many of its procedures.

“Blogger Bob” begins by sidelining the issue as “not a big deal really,” adding “Heck, even I have been pulled aside for random gate screening,” as if just because “Bob” has experienced it that somehow makes it OK or normal.

The TSA’s official mouthpiece then reels off the usual trite platitudes about the drinks testing policy being a “necessary unpredictable measure that makes it more difficult to do malice to the transportation infrastructure.”

However, Bob fails to identify the main reason why the policy is so “unpredictable,” namely because it makes absolutely no sense to anyone and servers no discernible purpose.

For a start, the much vaunted liquid bomb plot that was the catalyst for all these bizarre measures relating to drinks and other liquids being introduced was a complete fabrication – the case collapsed in court because no evidence existed of it ever being a genuine plot.

Secondly, the stupidity of the policy can be illustrated by the fact that the video shows the TSA agents only checking drinks that are being openly carried around and consumed by travelers. Why on earth would a potential terrorist have his explosive material on display?

In addition, as Alex Jones personally witnessed, TSA agents will wait outside kiosks and coffee shops to test liquids they have just seen passengers buy from the airport.

“In a nutshell, liquid screening at gates is random and it isn’t happening at every airport every day. So other than possibly taking a few moments of your time before boarding your flight, it’s business as usual,” concludes the blog.

Yes it’s “business as usual” – just as searching baby’s diapers for “poop bombs” and groping double amputee veterans is “business as usual” for the TSA.

Blogger Bob seems to believe that just because the TSA treats its outrageous, invasive and downright moronic policies as perfectly rational and routine then that makes them so. Thankfully, in the real world people are livid if thecomments on the You Tube video featured above are anything to go by.

Far from being a useful “layer” of security, this policy is another colossal waste of time and money and only diverts attention away from catching real bad guys by subjecting the normal traveling public to yet another form of coercive harassment by a uniformed official.

In reality, as we have emphasized, this is nothing less than another example of obedience training. It has nothing to do with security just as the TSA’s equally asinine policy of making travelers “freeze” on command has nothing to do with security.

This is about the process of training the public to obey orders no matter how idiotic they may be. If travelers are content to put up with this kind of nonsense, then Grandma getting her colostomy bag emptied or a 6-year-old girl getting groped by one of the many perverts the TSA likes to hire becomes all the more normal and acceptable.