Source: Linda West

Despite legal battles raging over 10 years and a noticeable lack of terrorist activity in that time, the LAPD is moving ahead as the first police department in the U.S. toimplement Special Order 1, a policy which will allow the police to detain and arrest you if you are taking photos or videotaping certain buildings deemed by them as “suspicious activity”. The problem being of course – what exactly is considered suspicious activity?

Take for instance the innocent man Greggory Moore who was confronted forshooting pictures on his front lawn just because it happened to have the court house in the background. Eight policemen were called by “good citizen spies” to confront and interrogate him while he was held with his hands behind his back than patted down. Other photographers have experienced similar heinous police behavior and even been threatened with being put on the FBI watch list for taking pictures at the airport.

This new police policy will make such instances more common, as they clearly put photography itself under suspicion. It reads:

The National Press Photographers Association (NPPA) wrote a letter to the sheriff’s department. “It is one thing for law enforcement to act when there is probable cause,” said Mickey H Osterricher, the association’s general counsel. “It is quite another to abuse that discretion in order to create a climate that chills free speech under the pretext of safety and security.”

LA Sheriff Leroy Baca said, “While taking pictures in itself is not a crime, in our heightened state of national security, a courthouse is a Homeland Security hard target, and as such, supplemental security precautions are in place. We would be remiss in our professional duties if we did not investigate all incidents which appear to be suspicious.”

When asked by an Infowars reporter about the new policy, the commanding officer at LAPD responded, “You really only have to be careful about airports and filming TSA– you can’t do that.” When asked if it was still “legal” to film police on duty doing such despicable things as hitting defenseless protesters, etc., he confirmed that, “Yes you can still video that.”

Despite the commanding officer’s reply, according to the law it is perfectly legal to film TSA agents and the airport.

Chief Michael Downing, in charge of the Department of Counter-Terrorism and Special Operations Bureau,declared this to be absolutely necessary, claiming that terror cells are active in L.A. right now. However, there has been no evidence offered up to actually support this claim. What is certain, is that now even animal rights groups have been added to the “terrorist watch list along with veterans and preppers.”

In any case the über open ended “suspicious” action could practically account for anything the police deem it to, as witnessed by the innocent man that was hassled on his own front lawn.

The most troubling aspect, beside the complete slaughter of the first amendment, is that DHS and other Federal agencies are given grants and special funding for their agreement to participate in specific Homeland Security programs – just like this.

The larger question remains – just what are we willing to give up in the name of supposed “protection”? And is a police state that attacks you on your own front lawn something we are willing to live with in the name of safety? Another shocking signpost on the road to total tyranny and proof the globalist occupying this country have declared war on free speech and the press.