Source: Kurt Nimmo

Consummate warmonger and perennial Senate fixture John McCain stepped out of the super-secret globalist Ambrosetti Forum in Italy the other day to take Obama to task for not killing more Muslims and Arabs and for dragging his feet on attacking Iran.

“In a way it’s almost like watching a train wreck,” said McCain about Obama’s approach to killing Persians.

McCain cites Libya as the template that should be used in Syria. More than 30,000 people were killed in Libya after NATO engineered the destruction of the country.

McCain also expressed frustration over the RNC and its focus on the economy. He believes the government needs to get back on track and start the bloody process of directly bombing and killing.

“The election is about jobs and the economy, but a failed … national security policy over time is going to lead to significant domestic problems,” he mused.

He wasn’t, of course, talking about the domestic problems invariably created when government cranks up the national debt to pay for fancy and exorbitant war machines and the endless deployment of men and material to backwaters like Afghanistan and Yemen where CIA created threats thrive.

“It’s the job of presidents and candidates to lead and articulate their vision for America’s role in the world. The world is a more dangerous place than it’s been since the end of the Cold War, and so I think the president should lead and I think candidates for the presidency should lead and talk about it, and I’m disappointed that there hasn’t been more.”

On Friday, McCain and fellow warmongers Lindsay Graham and Joe Lieberman, fresh from a tour the of the “volatile Middle East,” harangued the secret globalist confab in Italy. The “trio of self-styled mavericks won European fans by criticizing the dysfunction in American politics, then challenged their audience with a call for far greater U.S. activism in the Middle East – particularly aiding Syria’s rebels and on Iran,” the Associated Press reports.

Details of the proceedings at the globalist Ambrosetti Forum are secret due to the “Chatham House Rule.” However, as we have noted, the globalists are in favor of military intervention in Syria and Iran.

McCain and his fellow warmongers were basically preaching to the choir. The event merely provided yet another venue for an endless propaganda campaign designed to soften the American people up for the inevitability of engineered mass murder under the rubric of the global war on manufactured terror.