People who received seasonal flu vaccine before swine flu outbreak more likely to catch virus

Source: Paul Joseph Watson

A new study has found that people who received a flu shot before the outbreak of the 2009 H1N1 pandemic were more likely to catch the swine flu virus, a startling discovery given the fact that experts have blamed the pharmaceutical industry for deliberately engineering the pandemic to make huge profits from vaccines.

“Researchers, led by Vancouver’s Dr. Danuta Skowronski, an influenza expert at the B.C. Centre for Disease Control, noticed in the early weeks of the pandemic that people who got a flu shot for the 2008-09 winter seemed to be more likely to get infected with the pandemic virus than people who hadn’t received a flu shot,” reports the Vancouver Sun.

Despite the claim that the link was only related to Canadians who had received the flu shot, Dr. Skowronski was able to re-create the results in ferrets. Giving half the ferrets the 2008 seasonal flu shot and the rest a placebo injection, eventually all the ferrets were infected with the pandemic H1N1 virus.

Despite the results of the experiment, Skowronsk still bizarrely encouraged people to get the flu shot. According to the CDC, the 2009 H1N1 outbreak killed as many as 400,000 people – although others dispute this figure.

Confirmation that the seasonal flu vaccine could very well have been the cause of the H1N1 outbreak or at least helped it spread validates the testimony of experts like former Chair of the Council of Europe’s Sub-committee on Health Wolfgang Wodarg, who in February 2010 told the Alex Jones Show that the pandemic was manufactured by pharmaceutical companies in league with the World Health Organization to make vast profits while endangering public health.

Initial reports that the swine flu bug was a never-before-seen intercontinental mixture of human, avian and pig viruses from America, Europe and Asia prompted theories that the virus could have been synthetically manufactured in a lab.

Wodarg said that governments were “threatened” by special interest groups within the pharmaceutical industry as well as the WHO to buy the vaccines and inject their populations without any reasonable scientific reason for doing so, and yet in countries like Germany and France only around 6 per cent took the vaccine despite enough being available to cover 90 per cent of the population.

Wodarg said there was “no other explanation” for what happened than the fact that the WHO worked in cahoots with the pharmaceutical industry to manufacture the panic in order to generate vast profits, agreeing with host Alex Jones that the entire farce was a hoax.

He also explained how health authorities were “already waiting for something to happen” before the pandemic started and then exploited the virus for their own purposes.

Professor Ulrich Keil, director of the World Health Organization’s Collaborating Centre for Epidemiology, also slammed the swine flu epidemic as an overblown “angst campaign”, devised in conjunction with major drug companies to boost profits for vaccine manufacturers.

Swine flu vaccines have also been linked with outbreaks of narcolepsy, as well as other disorders includingGuillain-Barré Syndrome as well as dystonia, a paralyzing neurological disorder.