Why is the White House funding extremists who hate America?

Source: Paul Joseph Watson

A second video has emerged which shows rebels in Syria, backed by the Obama administration to the tune of millions in taxpayer dollars, burning a U.S. flag as they chant anti-American slogans.

The footage, which follows an earlier video depicting opposition demonstrators in Aleppo burning a U.S. flag, shows Syrian rebels and activists in the city of Homs demonstrating against the anti-Muslim film that has provoked outrage across the Middle East.

“America produced a derogatory film,” reads one of the banners as the crowd chants “Muhammad is our leader!”

The shot then pans to a group of men who set an American flag on fire as the crowd chants “Allahu Akbar”. An Israeli flag is also set on fire as well as a Russian flag.

The video again serves to illustrate the disconnect between the Obama administration’s decision to send millions in taxpayer money to help extremists who hate America in their bid to overthrow President Bashar Al-Assad.

The White House has signed off on over $76 million dollars in “humanitarian aid” that has gone directly to Syrian opposition forces. In addition, Obama recently rubber stamped a separate deal to use taxpayer money to support Syrian rebels with “non-lethal aid”. The New York Times admits that the CIA is helping steer heavy weaponry to the rebels on the Turkish border paid for by Saudi Arabia and Qatar.

“How can the Obama administration justify the use of American taxpayer money to fund and support an entity that has proven over and over to be not only anti-American and allied with al-Qaeda but also against all the values that America stands for (freedom of religion, freedom for women and minorities, freedom of expression, equality, human rights, etc)?” states the description under the You Tube video.

Indeed, it’s a question that many have been asking, especially in the aftermath of last week’s attack on a U.S. consulate in Benghazi and the murder of Ambassador Chris Stevens – all carried out by some of the very same militants that were backed by the Obama administration during the overthrow of Colonel Gaddafi in Libya. Many of those Libyan rebels are also now crossing into Syria.

According to Doctors WIthout Borders’ Jacques Beres, who treated wounded militants in Aleppo, 60 per cent of the opposition rebels are not even Syrian, emphasizing how foreign fighters have flooded in from numerous surrounding countries to take up arms. A significant number of those militants are Al-Qaeda terrorists, and have been identified as the culprits behind bombings that have killed over 200 people and injured thousands.

In July, the London Guardian reported that Al-Qaeda militants meet “every day” with Syrian rebels in order to train them how to build bombs. Syrian rebels have also attempted to use unwitting prisoners as suicide bombers.

The Obama administration has failed to condemn terrorist attacks carried out by Al-Qaeda militants and rebel fighters in Syria, and has in some cases all but welcomed them.

As we have previously highlighted, Syrian rebel fighters are routinely photographed wearing the Al-Qaeda motif. There are also innumerable You Tube videos that show opposition forces flying the Al-Qaeda flag – the same distinctive black flag with white Arabic lettering that has been flown by rioters during anti-U.S. demonstrations in numerous countries over the last week.

Watch the previous video of Syrian opposition demonstrators burning a U.S. flag below.