Presidential candidate to back militants who burn U.S. flag in public

Source: Paul Joseph Watson

Mitt Romney will vow to arm Syrian rebels today during a major foreign policy speech, illustrating once again how there is virtually no difference between Romney and Obama when it comes to serving the interests of the military-industrial complex.

“Mitt Romney will call for an escalation of the conflict in Syria by arming rebels with the heavy weapons needed to confront president Bashar al-Assad’s tanks, helicopters and fighter jets,” reports the London Guardian.

“Romney is to make the proposal on Monday in what his campaign team has billed as a major foreign policy speech in Lexington, Virginia.”

In promising to arm the “Syrian” rebels – the majority of whom are not even Syrian – Romney has pledged to send taxpayer money to Al-Qaeda militants who have been responsible for carrying out terrorist attacks which have killed hundreds of people.

The Obama administration has already sent over $200 million dollars in “humanitarian” and non-lethal aid to the rebels, while the CIA has helped the likes of Saudi Arabia, Turkey and Qatar funnel heavy arms to rebel groups in the region.

As the London Guardian reported in July, rebels in Syria are admittedly being led by Al-Qaeda terrorists, who meet with them “every day” and train them how to make bombs.

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The Council on Foreign Relations, America’s most influential foreign policy think tank and a close ally of the U.S. State Department, recently praised the presence of Al-Qaeda fighters in Syria, while the RAND Corporation reportedthat the terrorist group had been responsible for suicide attacks and car bombings that have caused more than 200 deaths and 1,000 injuries. Given a spate of recent attacks, these numbers have probably at least doubled since then.

As we have previously highlighted, Syrian rebel fighters are routinely photographed wearing the Al-Qaeda motif. There are also innumerable You Tube videos that show opposition forces flying the Al-Qaeda flag – the same distinctive black flag with white Arabic lettering that was flown by rioters during anti-U.S. demonstrations in numerous countries last month.

Syrian opposition forces have also been filmed on several occasions burning the U.S. flag. An opposition fighter recently spoke of his desire to see the Al-Qaeda flag fly over the White House once the rebels are victorious across the region. These are the same people Mitt Romney is pledging to support with heavy weaponry.

French Surgeon Jacques Bérès, who worked at a hospital in Aleppo admits that at least half of the militants he treated for injuries were Al-Qaeda terrorists whose goal is to impose sharia law across Syria and the whole region. A German report estimated the figure of foreign fighters in Syria to be even higher – a staggering 95 per cent.

FSA rebels have also committed acts of brutality that equal anything the regime of President Bashar Assad has been accused of, including massacres and war crimes such as forcing prisoners to become unwitting suicide bombers.

Given that conservative commentators have slammed Obama for his failed foreign policy in backing some of the same militants in Libya who later attacked the US Consulate in Benghazi, will they also skewer Romney for vowing to support Islamic extremists in Syria, especially given the fact that many of the fighters in Syria are Libyan militants?

Although the media is ludicrously framing Romney’s approach to Syria as a change in direction from Obama’s, it merely represents an intensification of the same policy.

Romney’s aim, or the aim of the neo-con advisers telling him what to say, in escalating the conflict in Syria is to draw Iran into the mix, risking the United States’ involvement in another unaffordable conflict and potentially triggering a chain of events that analysts have warned could lead to world war three.

Further illustrating Romney’s commitment to prolonging a disastrous foreign policy that has cost 2,000 American lives and achieved virtually nothing as the conflict enters its 12th year, the former Governor of Massachusetts will also signal his intention to keep U.S. troops in Afghanistan beyond the 2014 deadline – a war that was supposed to eliminate the very Al-Qaeda terrorists Romney now seeks to arm in Syria.