Americans understand that Obama and Feinstein are coming for the guns. In response, they are attending gun shows — that will soon be illegal — in large numbers.

Over the weekend, SRO crowds filled the Dulles Expo Center in Chantilly, Virginia, following Obama’s announcement that he will not rest until California Senator Feinstein’s unprecedented gun-grabbing bill is rammed through Congress.

“Line stretches for blocks to get into Chantilly gun show,” Jeff Goldberg tweeted on December 28. “Biggest crowd ever for biggest gun show on East Coast.”

Goldberg also reported the presence of anti-Second Amendment protesters outside of the event.

As the photo below shows, the group opposed to the Bill of Rights was none other than Code Pink, the Soros and MacArthur Foundation lubricated “progressive” organization known for dressing up as vaginas and pushing Obama’s establishment agenda with its facile “Anybody But Bush” campaign.

Code Pink demands gun show “loophole” be closed. Co-founder Medea Benjamin is pictured at right

In North Carolina, a large crowd braved inclement weather to attend a gun show and a large line formed outside a venue in Oklahoma City on December 29.

Pro-Second Amendment enthusiasts also gathered in Fort Worth, Texas, on December 22, andKnoxville, Tennessee, on December 28.

“Hey, President Obama and Sen. Feinstein: You did build that,” Twitchy blogged on December 29.

The record number of firearms purchases, in particular the targeted AR-15 rifle, demonstrate that despite the rhetoric and propaganda coming out of the government and its corporate media, the American people are determined to arm themselves prior to the planned crackdown on the Second Amendment that will be announced on Thursday.

Such large numbers turning out for gun shows is truly a bad omen for Sen. Feinstein, Obama and the federal gun-grabbers. It shows that there will indeed be substantial resistance to any effort to outlaw guns, especially retroactively, and attempts to confiscate firearms by force will be met with determined resistance.