Source: William Gheen

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This is over the top and Ive never seen anything like this. People are on the Piers Morgan show on CNN openly joking about murdering Alex Jones with an assault rifle.

Please contact CNN and demand that Piers Morgan be fired for this….

CNN Conctact – Contact Us

Wait for a human operator to come on the line at 404.827.1500


Just found out you can also send in your request for Piers Morgan to be fired to


Here is a sample message “I’m calling to ask CNN to fire Piers Morgan for advocating and joking about political murder with assault rifles on his show last night! No CNN host or show should be allowed to threaten people with murder over their political views.”

This is not about whether you like or agree with Alex Jones or not. This is about the CNN corporation discussing and laughing about political assassination of those that oppose the liberal views of their hosts!

Don’t let Piers Morgan get away with literal threats of murder!

William Gheen