Source: Kurt Nimmo

The New York Senate has passed a gun bill following governor Andrew Cuomo’s attack on the Second Amendment during his state of the state address earlier this month.

The legislation now moves on to the Assembly for passage.

If enacted, owners of firearms classified as “assault weapons” by the state will be forced to register them with the police.

A firearm will be classified as an assault weapon if it has one or more cosmetic military feature, such as a pistol grip or a bayonet mount. Owners will be required to “recertify” their weapons after five years.

The bill contains a raft of additional regulations imposed on law-abiding firearms owners, including:

– Limiting magazines to seven bullets (down from the national “standard” of 10)

– Making unsafe storage of so-called assault weapons a misdemeanor

– Outlawing internet sales of assault weapons

– Requiring retailers that sell ammunition to register with the state, run background checks on purchasers, and maintain a database of all sales

– Mandating mental health therapists report their patients if they made a credible threat to use a gun illegally (the police would then confiscate the firearm)

On Monday night, Cuomo declared the Second Amendment “is a scourge on society” as Democrats said the legislation does not endanger the constitutional right to own firearms.

“This is not about taking anyone’s rights away,” said Bronx Democrat Sen. Jeffrey Klein. “It’s about a safe society … today we are setting the mark for the rest of the county to do what’s right.”