Remember you will continue to see a up rise in these shootings. Why you may ask? To get the agenda to pass. These shootings are False Flag Events.

(CBS) ATLANTA – Police are at the scene of a shooting at Price Middle School in southeast Atlanta where a 14-year-old student and a teacher were confirmed to have been shot Thursday. One  person is in custody, CBS Atlantareports.

A spokesman with Atlanta Fire Rescue Department confirmed to CBS Atlanta that a 14-year-old student had been shot in the head and was taken to Grady Memorial Hospital in downtown Atlanta.

According to the station, the second victim, a teacher, was treated at the scene for minor injuries. That teacher was not taken to the hospital.

Police did not release further details of the circumstances of the shooting.

Price Middle School is currently on lockdown.

A spokesperson with Atlanta Public Schools plans to hold a news conference on the shooting within an hour.